ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 254.94 & 254.944


  • Troodon now have 50% less night-time targeting distance to players on-foot, and 15% less run speed
  • C4 attached to Dinos or Platform Saddles can no longer be remote detonates through world geometry
  • Fixed harvesting resources not properly adding to completely-filled stacks


  • Fixed issue with Harvesting saying “X Item Removed.” (Requires Server Update!)
  • Added server “?ClampItemSpoilingTimes=true” which will clamp all spoiling times to the items’ maximum spoiling times. Useful if any infinite-spoiling exploits were used on the server and you wish to clean them up. Could potentially cause issues with Mods that alter spoiling time, hence it is an option.

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 254.93

Fixes & Improvements

  • Reduced lag on Inventory Menus
  • Hair now reacts to being underwater, phyiscs and materials
  • Fixed various misaligned or missing water physics volumes on TheIsland
  • Server custom “HarvestAmountMultiplier” now works as it used to, to bias towards yielding rarer items. This is more costly for server performance, so if you want a more “optimized” server with high HarvestAmountMultiplier (but less rare items), you can launch with ?UseOptimizedHarvestingHealth=true

ARK: Survival Evolved Valentine´s Day Event

On Sunday this Event will be added to the servers:

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and love is in the air! The Valentine’s Day event adds these additional features:

  • Dinos have a 10% chance to drop a Box of Chocolate when they mate. Box of Chocolates can be used for a Full-Heal or to advance 50% of a Taming Dino’s Bar
  • New Unlockable Facial & Head Hairstyles (via craftable Items), for Male & Female
  • New Unlockable “Heart” Emote
  • Servers can launch with “-vday” to get (extra): 2x Mateboost Range, 3x Mating Speed/Mating Recovery, 3x Baby/Egg Maturation Speed, 1/3rd Baby Food Consumption

Shameless Self Promotion:

Some people may have heard of it: Funcom has released a new survival game in early access, which feels a lil bit too much like ARK: Survival Evolved: Conan Exiles. Because these games are very close to each other, most of our web services were compatible to this new game. So we’ve adjusted these services for Conan Exiles and hope these tools come in handy. You can find the new webpage at



ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 254.9 & 254.91


  • Fixed issue with client movement synchronization becoming inaccurate on servers that had long-running World Saves. Requires server update!
  • Reduced client-side memory usage of 254 game assets.
  • Added “Disable Menu Transitions” Option, for power-users to navigate through menus more quickly.


  • Fixed issue with getting items with servers using HarvestHealthAmount greater than 1. Requires server update!

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 254.892 & 254.894


  • Fixed Tamed Dinos not pooping at correct rates. Requires server update!
  • Further improved server performance by a significant margin (~10%)


  • Fixed another Timer bug (i.e. Kapro jump issue). Highly recommend server update to this version!
  • Optimized generation of large quantities of harvestable items (major performance improvements to Unofficial servers with boosted rates)

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 254.86 & 254.87 & 254.89 – IMPORTANT


  • Fixed Wild Dino spawns getting crowded out by Tamed Dinos on servers
  • Improved server performance approximately 20% by final timer optimization and Tamed Dino optimization
  • Reduced Armor Rating Effectiveness on Golem, Bronto, Quetz, Doed, Carbo, and Quetz by 50%
  • Prevented using Whip to pickup items thru walls
  • Note: For servers, 254.86 has an issue that will delete foreign Dinos from savegames. All servers must upgrade to 254.87 to avoid this issue!


  • Fixed build issue that was deleting foreign Dinos from savegames. All servers must upgrade to 254.87!


  • Fixed critical issue where some Dinos wouldn’t Eat or Tame properly (timer issue fixed). Highly recommend that servers upgrade to this version!

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 254.7 & 254.71 & 254.72



  • Increased damage of Tek Projectiles and reduced Element cost.
  • All Tek armor has had its durability pushed up from 120 to 300 (In line with a good piece of Journeyman Equipment. This was just an oversight on our part, they were always meant to be more durable!)
  • Element no longer spoils, and bosses drop approximately 33% more Element

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed memory leak and performance overhead associated with low-level Timers. Recommend servers upgrade to this version!
  • Tek Pants ability no longer consumes element when coming into contact with/destroying the destructible foliage, and uses the original amount of element for running over time.
  • Added a new Wild NPC Stasis Range scaling-for-player-count option to scale server performance for more players (requires inputting into INI, not commandline), example:GameUserSettings.ini:


  • Fixed Tek Rex Helmet interaction with Walls/Clipping.
  • Fixed another issue with the optimized Timers.


  • Fixed getting stuck when exiting Ladders in Singleplayer/Non-Dedicated modes.

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 254.6


  • End key now toggles Tribe far-distance Dino Nameplanets
  • Added [/script/shootergame.shootergamemode] PlayerBaseStatMultipliers[0-11] to multiply player BASE stats (you can use the PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[] array to multiply player per-weight stats)


  • New Tek +200 insulation buff when wearing full set of Tek Armor containing Element
  • Tek weapons now do substantially more damage vs everything except structures. (Rifle is +50% damage, Rex Saddle is +100% damage.)
  • Tek armor offers slightly greater physical protection (+30 armor per piece.)
  • Tek Rex shots take slightly less Element. (Down to 5 from 6)
  • Burn rate of Element for Legs and Chest reduced by 50% (50% more time per piece of element.)

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed Wild Basilosaurus taking damage in deepwater. Tamed Basilo still will, however now it only takes 1/10th the amount of damage-over-time.
  • Significantly improved server performance via low-level optimization of Timer system, reduced server stalls approximately 15% perf gain.
  • Hiding Engrams now automatically prevents them from appearing in Supply Crates even if they are not in the Exclude Items Indices list.
  • Boss Musics now properly automatically takes the Music Volume setting into account.
  • Saved approximately 280 MB of GPU RAM due to distance field optimization, and increased distance field performance.

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 254.3 & 254.4 & 254.41 & 254.5


Fixes & Improvements

  • You can no longer stand on the flight ceiling (though jetpack flight z is still clamped)
  • Singleplayer/non-dedicated bosses are reduced in damage and effective-HP by 67%
  • You can no longer trim hair from dead bodies
  • Fixed Allosaurus alpha buff / pack not working
  • Tekboots now consume element automatically for fall damage. note you do have to manaully load them for climbing grip, however.
  • Veg cakes are now consumable by herbis again!!
  • Fixed TheCenter destroying structures on floating island in pve (not retroactive)
  • Fixed another case where Mods could crash (particularly Weapon Mods)
  • All-Players floating names for admin spectator (when you fly up high) now are defaulted off (they cost server perf), and can be enabled by spectator admins with “cheat SetShowAllPlayers true”


  • Fixed an issue with Ballista Ammo
  • Made Tamed Pegomastax targetable by wild creatures


  • Added a warning label that hair is cut to zero when changing hairstyles, and clamped hair slider drag length. (We had meant to release v254.0 with this feedback but had accidentally disabled it!). Improved underlying systems for Mod-added hairstyles in preparation for ARK Dev Kit release.
  • Fixed Mountable turrets erroneously playing a “whoosh” sound whenever spawned.


  • Fixed certain server stalls during player joins
  • Add Tek Replicator to obelisk inventories
  • Unconscious dinos teleport out of Boss Arenas now, and changed to 60 seconds to remain in arena after killing boss
  • Made sheep wool growth rate use the server’s “HairGrowthSpeedMultiplier” value. Note that sheep wool growth rate is also sped up by levelling its “Food” stat.
  • Tek projectiles no longer destroy corpses
  • Coel, Salmon, Piranhas, Cnidaria, Euryps, and Trilobites can no longer receive buffs/debuffs
  • Improved boss attack hit detection
  • Server options to disable Taming & Riding:
  • You can now alter Boss Element on your server using the following INI values:
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