ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 269.1 & 269.2


  • Client-side update to fix “Direct3D Device Lost” errors.



  • Reduced Flamethrower Damage from base 100 per second to 30 per second.
  • Flamethrower Direct Damage is now affected by Armour.
  • Flamethrower expensive foliage particle effects now eliminated for everyone except the local player using the weapon
  • Chainsaw not able to attack whilst running
  • Tripled the effective “ammo” of TEK armours, so they last 3x as long per element
  • Shield blocks should block whip stuns/item drops (and trigger the cooldown), and whip stun on players reduced to 1 second.
  • Implemented a new value to reduce indirect torpor (Gas grenades, tranq).
  • Chitin, Metal, Riot, and TEK Armours now reduce incoming torpor.
    • Chitin:
      • Direct Torpor Armor Mult: 0.07 (Was 0)
      • Indirect Torpor Armor Mult: 0.035 (Was 0)
    • Metal:
      • Direct Torpor Armor Mult: 0.15 (Was 0)
      • Indirect Torpor Armor Mult: 0.06 (Was 0)
    •  Riot:
      • Direct Torpor Armor Mult: 0.25 (Was 0.25)
      • Indirect Torpor Armor Mult: 0.12 (Was 0)
    •  Tek (remember there are no Tek qualities):
      • Direct Torpor Armor Mult: 0.7 (Was 0)
      • Indirect Torpor Armor Mult: 0.7 (Was 0)

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed a bug where in the event of a rollback, players who recently used the CrossARK transfer system could lose their characters.
  • Fixed the bear trap to avoid turret exploit. Bear traps only damageable by explosion now (or demolishing)

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 269.0

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed a bug with the Phoenix where you could set dinos alight from a far distance
  • Fixed a bug with the Phoenix where it wouldn’t do damage to wild targets in PVE
  • Fixed a bug where you could unlock super speed with the TEK Jet Pack
  • Fixed a bug where setting the server fps to 2.5 would launch you across the map
  • Fixed a bug preventing players riding a Therizino from getting shot when Turrets were set to Player Only
  • Fixed an issue where you weren’t able to name your character preset in character creation
  • Fixed an issue where Ankylosaurus would get stuck in the air
  • Major networking change to resolve client disconnections when structures are destroyed.
  • Fixed a bug where u could tame and damage Phoenix when not in Superheat.

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 268.2 & 268.22


  • Increased Phoenix weight-carrying capacity by +200%, made Sulfur add +200% more food to Phoenix, reduced Phoenix Food consumption rates by 60%, increased Phoenix fire DoT by +200%
  • Made Phoenix Flame-Charge ability use dynamic key binding (so will work if Jump key is bound to something other than ‘Spacebar’), and work with gamepad input
  • Increased client-side UI performance of large scrollable lists (inventory item lists, engram list, server list, etc).


  • Fixed crashes with optimized scrollbox code (i.e. with Structures+ mod), and improved performance of UI text rendering.

ARK: Survival Evolved – New DLC – ABERRATION!

This DLC will be released in October 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam

Waking up on ‘Aberration’, a derelict, malfunctioning ARK with an elaborate underground biome system, survivors face exotic new challenges unlike anything before: extreme radioactive sunlight and environmental hazards, ziplines, wingsuits, climbing gear, cave dwellings, charge-batteries, and far more, along with a stable of extraordinary new creatures await within the mysterious depths. But beware the ‘Nameless’: unrelenting, Element-infused humanoids which have evolved into vicious light-hating monstrosities! On Aberration, survivors will uncover the ultimate secrets of the ARKs, and discover what the future holds in store for those strong and clever enough to survive!


Harsh surrounding, radiation which resulted in a lot of mutations in the genome of the creatures and a terrifying master in the depths of this damaged ARK, will make you a hard time surviving in this unwelcoming world!

Owners of ARK’s “Season Pass” will get exclusive in-game Aberration-themed cosmetic item skins, immediately!


These are the items:

Aberration Helmet and Aberration Sword!

Some Impressions:



ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 267.21 & 267.3


  • Enabled player Gamma control on Official PvP-Servers
  • Options Menu Added keybindings (default unassigned) to player Gamma1 (low) and Gamma2 (high) settings, and textboxes to specify custom Gamma values for each.


  • Added server-side support for “Aberration” Season Pass cosmetics. Requires Server Restart.

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 267.0 & 267.17 & 267.2


  • New Creature: The Otter!
  • Endboss and Ascension.
  • Ice Wyvern remodel and they’re now uploadable.
  • Official Anti-Duping systems.


  • Fixed various client crashes.
  • Fixed server browser “Join” button changing into non-functional “Wait” button
  • Disabled expensive “Distance Field Ambient Occlusion” effect by default, even on Epic settings. Users can re-enable it manually in the Options if they wish for highest quality graphics, at a performance cost.
  • Fixed Cluster Session List UI incorrectly applying search filters


  • Ice Wyvern is now properly transferrable in Cross-ARK
  • Fixed issue with not being able to Cross-ARK transfer between Password-Protected Unofficial Servers

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 267.0

Fixes & Improvements

  • Ragnarok Hotfixes
  • Implemented initial upload timer for dupe prevention
  • Created blocking volumes for key areas in PvE servers (not enabled on Legacy Servers)
  • Rafts can be demolishable across all servers after a period of time.
  • Implemented new Host UI
  • Marked designated servers as Legacy, check the Legacy filter if you cannot find your Official PC Server.
  • Resolved 2 server crashes related to structure placement
  • Turrets can now shoot through ragdolls you are dragging
  • Fixed a rare issue where local profiles would sometimes corrupt
  • Primitive+ now has its own save directory
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