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ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 275.4

ARK: Changes Bear traps now take 12 seconds (large) and 10 seconds (small) to activate Fixes & Improvements Fixed Megalania not dropping their toxin Fixed a issue which prevented some creatures from receiving 100% imprint with the new 8 hour timer Fixed multiple building cases where structures would not be placed (i.e cables and wires) […]

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 275.34

Fixed graphical issue when running with -norhithread (stability mode for certain graphics cards configurations) Fixed crash when taking Super Resolution screenshots with Ansel

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 275.31 & 275.32 & 275.33

275.31 Requires Server Update Fixed Linux client crash Fixed server language crash Fixed Mod class replacement priority (Dino replacements etc) Reduced Cavewolf damage by approximately 40% Increased Wild Basilisk HP by 50% Increased Wild Reaper King Damages by 300% Made Aqua Shroom properly restore Water stat Added Nameless to certain areas of Biolum Chamber where […]

ARK: Survival Evolved Patches 275.2 & 275.31 & 275.32

275.2 Added Basilisk saddle to Smithy-type crafting stations where it was meant to be. Requires Server Update. Fixed some Lantern Pet inventories mistakenly being flagged as Tribute Inventories. Requires Server Update. Exported & Included latest Localization Manifest files on client, for translation 275.31 Fixed Linux client crash Fixed server language crash Fixed Mod class replacement […]

ARK:Survival Evolved Patch 275.0 & 275.1 & 275.11

275.0 Aberration Release! Parallel (multi-threaded) renderer for faster SM5 graphics ?CrossARKAllowForeignDinoDownloads=true ShooterGameMode (modifies corpse AND dropped box lifespan) float UseCorpseLifeSpanMultiplier; ShooterGameMode: (multiplier, default 4) GlobalPoweredBatteryDurabilityDecreasePerSecond; Fixed water rendering on Mac & Linux Heavy Turret & Tek Turret rebalance 275.1 Fixed a client-side crash issue with certain mods such as Structures+, and other renderer edge cases […]

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 274.12

Heavy Turrets now have corrected Repair costs (and generally, Repair Cost overrides now work for Structures) Repairing a Structure now leaves the “Repairing” state properly as a client On Turret-limited Servers, HeavyTurrets now are only hard-limited to 100 Heavies in range, to enable players to more easily replace/swap their old Turrets with Heavies. They will […]

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 274.0

Added “Heavy Turret”, which packs approximately 4 times the power of a regular Turret and has faster tracking, but uses 4 Ammo per shot. On Official Servers, in preparation for ultimately limiting all Turrets to 100 within a 10,000 unit range, only 100 Heavy Turrets can be placed in a 10000 unit range, including ALL […]

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