How to transfer Characters between official Servers (Scorched Earth)

Ark: Scorched Earth added a new feature for transfering characters, items and even dinosaurs from the DLC to the main game servers. But this feature is a little bit hidden within the game. This only works on the official scorched earth servers and some (good configured) unofficial servers.


You can only transfer on official servers of the same type. So you can’t create a character on a PvE Scorched Earth Server and transfer everything on a PvP. If you’re playing on an unofficial server, make sure they offer this feature before you start.


The transfer is pretty easy. You have to visit a Tribute Terminal or any Supply Crate ingame. These implement the “ARK Tribute” option, which will upload your character to the cloud. On any connected server, you can simply download your character directly.

What is transferred

The transfer does only work from Scorched Earth to TheCenter (DLC) / TheIsland (Classic) if you want to keep your items. If you travel in the other direction, your whole belongings will stay on the old server. Your Tribes will stay intact, but alliances will be gone and have to be recreated on each server


On singleplayer, you can also use the ARK Tribute option. After doing so, just leave the game and start it again with the new map. This way you’ll be offered to “download” your character.

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6 thoughts on “How to transfer Characters between official Servers (Scorched Earth)”

  1. 2 questions
    1.does this mean i can transfer my lvl 68 character who is on a official pvp/pve server, to a official pvp/pve SE server?

    2. if i want to play on a SE server that has the portal ability is is ark and SE or just SE

  2. I transferred my lvl 77 character from a center server on to a Se server Im in. But I wanted to transfer it to another Se server from the current one I’m in but I can’t is there a reason why ?

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