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ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 276.43

Fixed a client rendering crash associated with certain mod maps Fixed an under-meshing exploit. Requires server update. Fixed CrossArk transferring issue. Requires server update.

ARK: Survival Evolved Post 275.21

Aberration: Fixed Battery recharging rate inaccuracy on Power Nodes Surface Hyper Power Nodes now recharge 2x speed (for 2x Element Crafting rate) Crafting an Element now gives you THREE Element items Endboss projectiles now target invisible rockdrakes Camera Shake slider now scales down the earthquake shakes (except when rock-climbing where it’s critical to avoid falling!) […]

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 276.11 & 275.12

276.11 Fixed several Dino collision issues. Requires Server Update. Updated Ragnarok with several over-spawn and level-of-detail fixes. Requires Server Update. 276.12 Fixed issue with dungeon-buttons not working on Ragnarok. Requires Server Update. Fixed Landscape collision issue on Ragnarok. Requires Server Update.

ARK: Survival Evolved 275.53 & 276.0

275.53 Fixed Zipline collision issue. Requires Server Update. Fixed server crash with inventories. 276.0 Added Ragnarok 99%-complete expansion Aberrant Megalosaurus now properly lay Aberrant eggs

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 275.52

Changes Reduced rate of battery depletion in structures by 33% Rollrats now have 20% weight from Wood, but 100% weight from Stone, as intended Aquatic Mushrooms reduce Biolum Poison debuff by 5 seconds per consumption, rather than 1 Fixes & Improvements Fixed Rock Drake aerial pounce on Aberration Fixed Rock Drake losing forward-momentum when jumping […]

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 275.43 & 275.44

275.43 Updated localizations to include Aberration. Added new localization: Ukranian Fixed Mac/Linux water flickering Fixed Metal Cliff platform using Stone structure damage settings. Requires Server Update. Fixed Cliff Platforms having 12h decay time — now is 12d for Stone and 16d for Metal. Requires Server Update. Fixed Zipline crash. Requires Server Update. 275.44 Made Wild […]

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