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ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 254.3 & 254.4 & 254.41 & 254.5

254.3 Fixes & Improvements You can no longer stand on the flight ceiling (though jetpack flight z is still clamped) Singleplayer/non-dedicated bosses are reduced in damage and effective-HP by 67% You can no longer trim hair from dead bodies Fixed Allosaurus alpha buff / pack not working Tekboots now consume element automatically for fall damage. […]

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 254 & 254.1 & 254.2 & 254.21

254 New Tek Tier Phase 1: Tek Engram system, Element Resource system, Tek Replicator, Tek Rifle, Tek Helmet, Tek Visor, Tek Jetpack, Tek Boots, Tek Gloves, Tek Rex Saddle, Tek Transmitter, and more. New Dinos: Ovis Aries! Basilosaurus! Baryonyx! Purlovia! New Item: Lance (for jousting of course!), and you can now also use a Shield […]

Coming Soon – Patch 254 Preview

New impressions incoming! If you´ve got the time to watch – then the following youtube-video is for you from gamestop, otherwise we´ll give you a quick overview 🙂   The TEK TIER Phase 1 will be added with the next huge patch – let´s take a look what it will bring. Tek Engram system Element […]

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 253.992 & 253.995

253.992 Primitive+ Major Update! (please make sure you have this latest version if you’re running Primitive+) Fixed a Fuel-array crash that could affect Primitive+ 253.995 Fixed issue with Spoiling times. Recommend server upgrade.

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 253.98 & 253.99

253.98 Changes Explosive Damage now causes PvP respawn cooldown Fixes & Improvements Cannon, Machine Gun Turret, and Rocket Turret can no longer be used within Electrical Storms. Flyers carrying explosives can now fly, but they have speed significantly reduced (and can not barrel roll!) Scorched Earth Sandstorm now causes Dino AI ranges to be significantly […]

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 253.93 & 253.95

253.93 Fixed a client-side GPU memory leak. Upgraded BattlEye version, please update your servers! 253.95 Non-Quetz flyers can no longer carry characters that have C4 on them Spike Walls can no longer damage water creatures

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 253.87 & 253.9 & 253.92

253.87 ARK Dev Kit hooks 253.9 Fixed Piranha overspawning issue on TheCenter, and added latest Dinos to TheCenter Fixed Pelagornis rotating poorly when on water surface 253.92 Servers can now allow from-the-air Supply Crates to appear on top of Structures, rather than being prevented by Structures. Launch with “?AllowCrateSpawnsOnTopOfStructures=true” to enable this (enabled on Official Servers). […]

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 253.8 & 253.85 & 253.86

253.8 Ended Winter Wonderland Event (deprecated for backwards compatibility) Flye grabbed by megalo/kapro falling thru world on client fix Gate frame destruction fix Bed respawn thru walls fix Tamed flyers letting grabbed players/dinos stay below terrain fix (u now get uncarried) Fix for tamed cave-dinos not being targetable by wild dinos Mods now indicating loading […]

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 253.71

Ladders on platform saddles now include Weight Fixed a platform Bed spawn exploit Fixed Megalosaurus spawns to occur in all appropriate TheIsland caves, and fixed them getting stuck within Cave 5

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 253.6

Unridden Tuso no longer moves when it has grabbed something (as intended), and fixed an issue that occasionally caused water-dinos to be erroneously killed when grabbed by Tuso.

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