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Upcoming Price Changes with Full Release!

If you want to experience ARK then you should be quick and purchase it now! With the upcoming release (worldwide retail and online release) August 8th the price for the game will be increased to the full price for PC and for consoles.  

New Expansion: Ragnarok Map as DLC!

Take a look to the new ARK: Survival Evolved Expansion: Ragnarok! 144 square kilometer Map with amazing Biomes, a lot to explore, gather and hunt. A huge ocean with independent eco system. A Volcano and a lot more – this is   RAGNAROK!   Steam-Link to Ragnarok

ARK: Survival Evolved – 2 Years Celebration! Happy Birthday!

Special Evolution Event Live now till Monday 5th with this changes: 2x Harvesting Rate 2x Taming Rate 2x EXP Rate 2x Baby Mature Speed 2x Egg Hatch and Gestation Speed 2x Mating Interval (LESS!) Live now on all Plattforms! PC, Xbox One and Ps4! And on top of these you can craft a special cake […]

New Volcano-Design,Tec Cave and other cool new stuff!

The Volcano got a new Design and it looks amazing – the Tek-Cave entrance is on the volcano – to make it through you need a lot of patience, the Cave with his different difficulties will give you a hard challenging time to complete it. With the Tek Cloning Chamber your very best or most […]

Preview Patch 257 – ETA 3rd May

New Stuff New Dinos: Giant Bee Daeodon Liopleurodon Kentrosaurus  New Structures: Tek Cloning Chamber Tek Megalodon Saddle Tek Turret  New Weapon: Tek Grenade TEK Cave Volcano remodeled You need to move your bases out of the Volcano Region, because there will be a huge update. The volcano will be actively remodeled! The affected areas will […]

ARK: Survival Evolved – Easter Event -Eggcellent Adventure Pt 2

The Event starts today and it lasts one week! Players can collect Bunny Eggs, which they can paint or use in special recipes to craft special Easter Items (Bunny Ears, Bunny Custom for Procoptodon and more!) Xbox and PS4 Players get this event with the next version! Though Survivors should beware the ferocious Bunny-Dodorex that will […]

All NEW – TEK Underwater Bases, TEK Teleporter & TEK Power Generator

The Patch 256.0 brought some amazing new features for the TEK Tier – end game content. You can now build your base underwater with ventilators to fill the rooms with oxygen. With the help of Air-Locks players can enter without flooding the base. With the TEK Teleport you can get to far places on the […]

ARK: Survival Evolved Rollback and increased Rates

Because of an outage of amazon web services, including the CrossARK-Transfer System, there will be a mayor rollback of all Official Servers to right before the incident happened. Sadly all CrossARK Storage-Items will be deleted due to an duping problem. To make up for the lost time and effort the rates are increased, including mating, […]

ARK: Sponsored Mod Program

The ARK: Sponsored Mod Program has launched! The ARK Dev Kit is an important feature of ARK and now it will be imbedded even more with this step. The modders will be supported with different approaches (contests, help, incorporating in game, working & partnering with them). Till now there are over 2.500 Mods in the […]

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