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No Taming Servers on PC, XBox One and PS4

The No Taming Servers are now online for a lil bit for PC and now there will be experimental Servers on PS4 and Xbox – you can find them with the search with the filter “NoTamingExperiment”. Following Features can you find on this console servers: 100 Players No Taming Boosted Harvesting and EXP Rates! (2x […]

ARK: Survival Evolved Valentine´s Day Event

On Sunday this Event will be added to the servers: Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and love is in the air! The Valentine’s Day event adds these additional features: Dinos have a 10% chance to drop a Box of Chocolate when they mate. Box of Chocolates can be used for a Full-Heal or to advance […]

Shameless Self Promotion:

Some people may have heard of it: Funcom has released a new survival game in early access, which feels a lil bit too much like ARK: Survival Evolved: Conan Exiles. Because these games are very close to each other, most of our web services were compatible to this new game. So we’ve adjusted these services […]

Coming Soon – Patch 254 Preview

New impressions incoming! If you´ve got the time to watch – then the following youtube-video is for you from gamestop, otherwise we´ll give you a quick overview 🙂   The TEK TIER Phase 1 will be added with the next huge patch – let´s take a look what it will bring. Tek Engram system Element […]

Celebrate the End of the Year!

In celebration for the end of the year; from the 31st of December at 12 PM EST until the 1st of January at 12 PM EST Survivors can have a chance to win a special exclusive New Year’s Skin! Raptor Claus will drop some more presents for PC Players and if you´re lucky you can get the […]

ARK Winter Wonderland

It´s christmas Time! The special time of the year! Kill the following creatures, which are released from Raptor Claus and collect goodies from their inventories: Stags over Level 100: Reindeer Skin Yetis: Santa Dino Hat Penguins over Level 50: Santa Player Hat Xbox Survivors are in for an additional treat, as some of the ARK’s creatures […]

Permanent Double Exp and New Announcement: ARK Park VR!

The feedback of the ARK survivors has shown that the “Double the xp-Events” had a good influence on the game, so the double exp is now the normal exp rate on official servers! 🙂   aaaaaand   Studio Wildcard partnered with Snail Games – in 2017 ARK Park VR will be ready to play for […]

ARK: Survival Evolved – Release for PS4 on December 6th

The long wait has come to an end! Finally the PS4 Version will be released on December 6th! There will be an ARK Survivor Pack, the Basic Game with the Scorched Earth expansion (with exclusive skins!) available in Europe (49.99€) and North America ($54.99). In Europe it will be possible to buy the Basic Game […]

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