Ark: The Animated Series – First 6 Episodes released!

“Ark: The Animated Series” based on the survival game “Ark: Survival Evolved” is not suitable for children, despite the cartoon style. The first two episodes, each about 20 minutes long, contain a lot of violence and brutality. The series tells the prehistory of the game and is about a battle between humans and dinosaurs in a science fiction setting. The two main characters are forcibly separated from their daughter and have to fight for survival in a hostile environment full of dinosaurs and other primeval creatures. There are many scenes of violence, such as humans being eaten by dinosaurs, stabbed, or shot with arrows. The violence is not shown in detail, but is still intense. The series is aimed more at fans of the game who want to learn more about the background story. For children, however, the series is not suitable due to the high level of violence. On the streaming service Tubi, where the series is available, it is rated as “adult”. In summary, despite the animated style, “Ark: The Animated Series” contains a lot of violence and brutal scenes that make it unsuitable for children. It is aimed more at adult fans of the survival game who are interested in the backstory.

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