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Engram Calculator

One big problem with the engram system is: you can never learn all engrams. The levelcap of 65 makes it impossible to obtain the required engram points. That’s why we’ve created an engram calculator. Just follow this link

Farming Tutorial

Sometimes, if you range the woods, you’ll find some precious seeds. Most people don’t know how to use them. This tutorial will help them to understand all aspects of farming.

Why farming?

On first sight it looks like a bad idea to farm something. You need materials, time, endurance and free space in your home. So why don’t stick with searching the berries and other materials in the wild? This can be answered very easily: quality, quantity and predictability.

  • You know what you get. If you need narcoberries, you’ll get narcoberries
  • You can get rare fruits, which are required for some tonics
  • You’ll get much more berries than searching in the wild

Farming requires 5 elements:

  1. Seeds of the plant you want to grow
  2. Plot
  3. Fertilizer
  4. Water
  5. Time


The plot acts as the main “container”. You’ll have to put the seeds, fertilizer and water in the plot inventory. These will be removed in a few seconds and the plot will start growing your plants.


seeds are randomly found while searching for berries from natural sources. More details of the resulting plants on our page: Berries and Plants

Berry Bush seeds
(may be removed)
Azulberry seeds
Amarberry seeds Tintoberry seeds
Citronal seeds Mejoberry seeds
Narcoberry seeds Stimberry seeds
Savaroot seeds Longgrass seeds
Rockarrot seeds



There are 3 different types of Plots. The larger the plot, the more can be harvested.

Small Plot Can be used for every type of berry seeds.
Can hold 200 Waterunits
Can use human and small feces
Medium Plot Can be used for berries and Savoroot, Longgrass, Rockarrot and Citronal
Can hold 400 Waterunits
Can use up to medium feces
Large Plot Can be used for everything in the game, including later introduced crops.
Can use all feces



While growing, the plot will use up the fertilizer over time. You’ll have to make sure, that there is always fertilizer available while growing crops.

Human feces
Small dinosaur feces
Medium dinosaur feces
Large dinosaur feces



Water can be added on 3 different ways: manually, by irrigation and by rain.

  • Filling by hand requires a water container (like a waterskin). Place it in the inventory of the plot and click “Remote Item Use” to fill the water from the container into the plot. The amount of water added to the plot depends on the container used. For example: a waterskin will provide 100 units of water.
  • Filling by irrigation requires a working tap close to the plot. The tap will be marked as working, if it contains a water intake or a filled watertank. A working tap will change it color from grey to blue. If everything is working you’ll see the information “irrigated” instead of the water level in your plot.
  • Filling by rain requires…. rain. Not very reliable.

If the location of the plot is hot, more water is required, but the crops grow faster.



of course a crop doesn’t pop up instantly. You’ll have to wait a lil bit. The plants will only grow if there is water and fertilizer available. If any of them is missing the growth will stagnate.

  1. Freshly seeded: 0-1 Minute
  2. Seedling: ~7 Ingame Days
  3. Midling
  4. Growthling
  5. Fruitling (ready to harvest)




List of all announced Dinosaurs and Animals

The developers decided to implement 70 NPCs until the release in spring 2016. This is a list of officially announced dinosaurs, animals and insects. You can click on the title of a table to get to the list of the dossiers.

Whenever there is written tameable, it isn´t rideable 🙂


Ankylosaurus Available rideable
Brontosaurus Available rideable
Carnotaurus Available rideable
Compy Available tameable
Dilophosaur Available tameable
Gallilimus Available rideable
Giganotosaur Available rideable
Oviraptor Available tameable
Pachy Available rideable
Parasaur Available rideable
Raptor Available rideable
Rex Available rideable
Spinosaur Available rideable
Stegosaurus Available rideable
Triceratops Available rideabe
Allosaurus Confirmed rideable
Baryonyx Confirmed rideable
Diplodocus Confirmed rideable
Iguanodon Confirmed tameable
Megalosaurus Confirmed tameable
Microraptor Confirmed rideable
Pachyrhinosaurus Confirmed rideable
Pegomastax Confirmed tameable
Therizinosaurus Confirmed rideable
Titanosaur Confirmed rideable
Troodon Confirmed rideable


Beelzebufo Available rideable
Carbonemys Available rideable
Dimorphodon Available tameable
Mosasaurus Available rideable
Plesiosaur Available rideable
Pteranodon Available rideable
Quetzal Available rideable
Sarco Available rideable
Titanoboa Available nothing
Diplocaulus Confirmed tameable
Kaprosuchus Confirmed rideable
Liopleurodon Confirmed rideable
Megalania Confirmed rideable


Araneomorphus Available nothing
Dragonfly Available nothing
Dung Beetle Available tameable
Eurypterid Available nothing
Pulmonoscorpius Available rideable
Titanomyrma Available nothing
Trilobite Available nothing
Achatina Confirmed tameable
Ammonite Confirmed nothing
Arthropluera Confirmed tameable
Cnidaria Confirmed nothing
Leech Confirmed nothing
Tusotheutis Confirmed tameable



Castoroides Available tameable
Dimetrodon Available tameable
Direwolf Available rideable
Doedicurus Available rideable
Gigantopithecus Available rideable
Onyc Available nothing
Paraceratherium Available rideable
Phiomia Available rideable
Procoptodon Available rideable
Sabertooth Available rideable
Woolly Rhino Available rideable
Basilosaurus Confirmed rideable
Chalicotherium Confirmed rideable
Direbear Confirmed rideable
Lystrosaurus Confirmed tameable
Megatherium Confirmed tameable
Moschops Confirmed tameable
Thylacoleo Confirmed rideable


Argentavis Available rideable
Dodo Available tameable
Kairuku Available tameable
Terror Bird Available rideable
Archaeopteryx Confirmed tameable
Hesperornis Confirmed tameable
Ichthyornis Confirmed tameable


Angler Available tameable
Coelacanth Available nothing
Dunkleostus Available rideable
Megalodon Available rideable
Piranha Available nothing
Electrophorus Confirmed tameable
Leedsichthys Confirmed nothing
Manta Confirmed rideable

Mystical Lifeforms

Dragon Available
Broodmother Available


New dinosaurs announced – Gallimimus, Dimorphodon & Pachycephalosaurus

Jat (Community Manager of ARK) announced two new dinosaurs: The Gallimimus and the Dimorphodon. Craft some narcotics and make yourself ready to tame them.














Artifacts and Boss Monster / Summon Broodmother Lysrix

Boss enemies are not running around like the other dinosaurs in Ark. These must be called by using an artifact. These arifacts can randomly be found in dungeons in a loot crystal. At the moment 6 artifacts are known:


arte_clever Clever
Dungeon North
arte_pack Pack
Dungeon South 2
arte_devour Devourer
Dungeon North-East
arte_skylord Skylord
Dungeon West
artefakt_hunter Hunter
Dungeon South
artefakt_massiv Massive
Dungeon South-East

A list of the dungeons including a tiny tutorial can be found on our page: Dungeons and Caves

If you’ve got all 6 artifacts, you’ll have to insert them in an obelisk to summon the broodmother lysrix.

New NPCs announced: Meganeura, Mosasaurus and Compsognathus

Two new dossiers has been released, which will be implemented in ARK, soon. The Dragonfly and the Mosasaurus. Additionally the Compsognathus has been announced, but without an offical dossier. Prepare yourself for the new playmates.


Meganeura (Dragonfly)






Ranged Weapon Damage comparison

A short comparison of the damage of ranged weapons

Spear (thrown):
Flare Gun:
No damage, blinds
Stone arrow: 15
Tranquilized arrow: 20
Simple Pistol:
Depends on distance (1m: 160, 8m: 30)
Fabricated Pistol:
Assault Rifle:
40 per shot
Auto Turret:
50 per shot


Linux and Mac Client to arrive on June 25th

Today, in the fifth issue of the “ARK Digest”-Series, representatives from Studio Wildcard confirmed the release date for the Linux and Mac Clients to their game.

Previously asked about the matter by fans, developer /u/jatonreddit now confirmed:

Yes! We’re excited to announce that we can finally confirm the release date of the Mac and Linux client to be the 25th of June! We can’t wait to see our buddies from other platforms join us on the ARK! Hopefully you’ve all kept in touch and informed via the announcement page and you’re ready to begin your journey ?

How many people are playing Ark

I dont know why so many people want to know this, but because ARK is a Steam Game, it’s pretty easy to get the information how many people are currently playing the game.

You can just visit the page “SteamCharts”: Link

how many people are playing ark - ark stats

Currently (June, 9th) there are ~65.000 Players playing the game. But this number alone is not really meaningful, if you don’t compare it to other games. So let us compare ARK with Team Fortress 2: Link.

how many people are playing ark - tf stats

There are currently 67.000 Players playing team fortress 2. The interesting point is the all time peak. The peak of people playing TF2 was 117.000 Players. ARKs playerbase is rising every day. So it’s pretty likely, that ARK will get more players than TF2 – albeit being in ALPHA (Early Access) and as a paid game (TF2 is Free 2 Play).

It looks like ARK is a huge success. Let’s hope it gets even better. 😉


how many people are playing ark - compare

“Cheat” items

A short tutorial for giving yourself items, as long as you’re an admin 😉

Log in with your password:
enablecheats passwort

Use the following command
admincheat giveitemnum 1 1 1 false

The first number is the itemid. You can use this list to lookup the items
The second number is the stack amount
The third number is the quality of the item

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