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Upgrade Existing Center-Map-ModServer to DLC-Server

TheCenter is included directly with the v241 server update. No need to download “DLC” for the server. We’ve reduced the server size drastically from about 30 GB down to 4 GB so yeah 😉 Just change your server commandline to host ?TheCenter rather than ?TheIsland or whatnot. No need to specify any Mod ID’s. You […]

Official ARK Server Manager 0.1 Released -Windows only (Mirror)

Official Steam Announcement: Link The ARK Server Manager mentioned in Patchnote 200 (Link) has been released just a few minutes ago. We’ve created a direct mirror for it, because the official download is only available from, which is blocked in many countries. We’re not the responsible for this file. Download at your own risk. […]

Automatic Server Update Script – Fixed Version

Our restart script stopped working a few days ago, because the developers have changed the app_info json. I’ve updated the script to make it run with the newer version See: Please report bugs and suggestions in the comments of the old thread.

Unofficial “official server” forums

The idea here is simple: Instead of desperately trying to get your post seen on reddit or on Steam on a decentral place, wouldn’t it be better if there was a forum for every official server that the community playing on there could use to chat and exchange informations? That way no one needs to […]

Automatic Update for Linux Servers

As announced in the windows auto update thread: Here is the Linux version of it! Requirements rcon (How to: Automatic Update for Linux – Script Save this spoiler as bash file, like [sourcecode toolbar=”true” language=”bash” title=”update.cmd”] #!/bin/bash STEAMDIR=/home/steam/Steam STEAMCMDDIR=/home/steam/steamcmd STEAMCMDSCRIPT=update.txt SERVERDIR=/home/steam/ark RCONPASSWORD=YOURRCONPASSWORD RCONIP= RCONPORT=32330 RCONFILE=/home/steam/rcon SCREEN=ark SERVERSTARTCOMMAND=$SERVERDIR"/ShooterGame/Binaries/Linux/ShooterGameServer \"TheIsland?QueryPort=27015?Port=7777?SetCheatPlayer=True?RCONEnabled=True?RCONPort="$RCONPORT"?listen\" -servergamelog -server -log" cd $HOMEDIR if […]

Automatic Update Script – Updated on 08/15/2015

To the pleasure of its fans, ARK has a really short update interval. This can however be infuriating for server administrators, so we set out to make your life a little bit easier: This script will automatically check whether there is a new update version, and in case there is, automatically update your server. The […]

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