Official ARK Server Manager 0.1 Released -Windows only (Mirror)

Official Steam Announcement: Link

The ARK Server Manager mentioned in Patchnote 200 (Link) has been released just a few minutes ago. We’ve created a direct mirror for it, because the official download is only available from, which is blocked in many countries. We’re not the responsible for this file. Download at your own risk.

Official download link:!rtIlBQ4B!AshMux59GNp2l0huDELD3VXUEWpkCF03s5h8cPLqyyU
Our mirror link:

(Update): It’s the self updating version. So no need to redownload updates, once you’ve downloaded it. So the mandatory windows related virusscanvirustotal2

Usage (By Drake)

Then after extracting, run ARKServerLauncher\ARKServerLauncher.exe to install it. Select an install folder and then run ARKServerLauncher.exe in your install folder.

From there you can easily Install/Update your Windows Dedicated Server by clicking the Install/Update button. You can start/stop your server, and change launch options. You can click on the "Rules & Gameplay" tab to change current rules settings, and in the "Raw INI" tab you can edit/add INI values directly. Finally, in the Mods section, you can browse all Mods on Steam Workshop, Download them, and activate/deactivate them & change their stacking order -- and this DOES automatically extract and set them up properly (so you never have to use a game client!). You'll also get a live feed of how many players are connected to your server on the UI.

Major limitations that will be fixed tonight:
- The "Total Conversion" launch option on the main menu doesn't do anything. For now to run SotF or a TC after downloading & installing SotF via the Mods tab, you need to go to the Raw INI section of the Rules & Gameplay tab, and add this INI key into the ServerSettings section (at the bottom of the scroll window you can add more keys):

ActiveTotalConversion 496735411

Don't try to "Activate" SotF Mod via the Mods tab, that will mess it up. Gotta run it like a Total Conversion with this approach.

Note that you can add extra/custom commandline parameters to your server launch by clicking the "Show Launch Script" button.

Things to come very soon (next couple days and beyond):
- Run remotely so you don't need direct desktop access to your server machine
- Integrated ARKon (RCON)
- Linux server support
- Integrated auto-updater for the Server Launcher app to keep it up to date.
- More more more!

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9 thoughts on “Official ARK Server Manager 0.1 Released -Windows only (Mirror)”

  1. Hi there … I was wondering when there would be an update of the server manager i`m missing a lot of dino`s in the Dino spawn list but i guess i dont need to tell you that and your working on it, but its long overdue 😉 dont you think so … Well looking forward to your reply … best regards a fellow Arkalist ….

    1. as for this version the launcher wil not alow custem engrams
      tryed 1 point to 5000+ points but when i come in to the server stil no points at all

  2. I have been unable to access the official discussion through steam, so Ill post here and leave my steam ID for people to contact me. I have updated my launcher with all the new dinos (up to gallimimus, still waiting for the tag for it) and with all the new engrams (riot gear and such). I have it all available along with some new sliders (per stat level mults for player, dino and tamed dinos). Any that are Interested, please hit me up on steam. My url is (edit – because we dont know if this person is legit and to prevent spreading malware, we’ve removed the contact link. if he’s valid, look for the person who developed it in steam).

  3. If it is “Official” Why can we NOT get it updated when the Game updates “Official” generally means that the game developer releases the tool and therefore should update it when the game updates to be sure people use it because its the most up to date launcher. It seems the launcher has not been updated in quite some time or the updater does not work as I for one continuously receive error messages when attempting to update the launcher. As it stands the launcher is missing the new Dino in the dinos list and who knows what else. Please update the launcher. But over all the launcher is great and easy to use but Ark Server Manager comes in a close second and is more up to date.

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