Dino Dossier: Giganotosaurus

The Giganotosaurus will be a very big dinosaur, based on the indominus rex of Jurassic World. If you want to tame it in the future: start collecting narcotics, now. You will need them

Common Name: Giganotosaurus
Species: Giganotosaurus furiosa
Time: Late Cretaceous
Diet: Carnivore
Temperament: Angry
Tameable: Yes
Rideable: Yes
  • Wild: Giganotosaurus furiosa is an enormous predator, larger even than the Tyrannosaurus or Spinosaurus. While greater in size than those storied predators, it can be somewhat less dangerous when encountered in the wild, due to its sluggish speed. Even still, getting cornered or run down by a Giganotosaurus means certain death for nearly any creature.
  • Domesticated: Taming Giganotosaurus is a dangerous prospect. Its rage reaction, even when tamed, can sometimes cause it to briefly turn on members of its own tribe. Indeed it may even throw off its rider if it has been sufficiently angered! And yet, the sheer size and immense power that the Giganotosaurus possesses means that some factions endeavor to tame it as a fear-inducing "capital" best of war -- even at great risk!
  • Known Information: Fighting a Giganotosaurus directly is never a good idea, as its rage rapidly grows with every hit it takes. With this rage, it builds increasing reserves of energy to use, making its iron-jawed bites progressively more deadly and enhancing its stamina. Add to this the fact that its huge body enables it to take a tremendous amount of punishment, and you have a creature that is generally better avoided or outsmarted than attacked head-on.


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11 thoughts on “Dino Dossier: Giganotosaurus”

  1. You should add an incubator to hatch eggs and get baby Dino’s also a syring and a DNA combiner to make HYBIRED DINO please. And some today animals like chameleons or wild hogs. And all animals can have blood taken from them for DNA plz and it hurts them a little bit. And to get DNA from the blood a DNA extractor. I would just love hybired Dino’s plz or just the baby dino would be good anouth for me. Can there plz be some terra forming plz. Can you make one of the BOSSES an indominus Rex plz and make it tame able plz but it you need too use 150+ trank arrows plz. If you like my suddjestons reply plz you think anything needs changed tell me plz.

  2. I love that you added it being a danger even to its owners once agitated enough. That kind of off sets the OP of a creature so large. Hopefully the spawn rates are not nearly as high, or at least specified to certain zones. Something like this shouldn’t be toooo easy to get.

  3. It’s FAR too big…i know it’s not supposed to be 100% realistic…but this is taking it too far…it’s completely inconsistent with the enstablished “reasonably realistic” state of things.
    I know there are dragons and stuff…but aren’t those supposed to be super rare uniqe creatures outside of normal echosystem?
    But this is a dinosaur that’s supposed to be a normal part of it…and in the enstablished echosystem a sauropod sized theropod simply dosen’t FIT…pun not intended…
    It’slike a punch in the eye…

    And to be even more specific…i was very happy to finally see a game that was going to handle rex and spino in a non-JP3 way…with spino finally scientifically accurate and balanced in the right niches when confronted to a t.rex…and then WHAT pops out from the dark distant past? DINO CRISIS 2 GIGA!!!
    I plan to buy the game on ps4…please PLEASE PLSEASEEEEE!!!!! RESIZE that eye punching monstrosity ASAP and never again fall into the “bigger is always cooler hell with consistency” trap again.
    I was happy to finally see a true DINOSAUR game…then the daedric spiders and whatnot came out…but at least i still had good well made dinos…take those away too and i’ll might just as well stick with monster hunter and TES…

    1. this was an actual REAL creature and it was OP. It was not as common as other dinos but it is a danger to everyone on the island. It can be defeated, it can be tamed. its nice to have large enemies and boss fights

  4. Not this again. Spinosaurus recent reconfiguration has left egg on the faces on the people who made JP3. Now we are back to Gigatosarus being larger than Tyrannosaurus Rex again. Because somebody has too. Read Scott Hartman’s article on his website. You don’t to make the same mistake as JP3.

    1. please stop whining this animal is effing amazing! its eaten three of my houses and wiped my entire home and dinos before. it only challenged me to build better and be more aware. Never underestimate what could be out there watching you. and please people stop being such whiners just enjoy the game. If its too hard you can always just adjust your settings and play on easy and punch the dinos and take no damage right? lol

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