List of all announced Dinosaurs and Animals

The developers decided to implement 70 NPCs until the release in spring 2016. This is a list of officially announced dinosaurs, animals and insects. You can click on the title of a table to get to the list of the dossiers.

Whenever there is written tameable, it isn´t rideable 🙂


Ankylosaurus Available rideable
Brontosaurus Available rideable
Carnotaurus Available rideable
Compy Available tameable
Dilophosaur Available tameable
Gallilimus Available rideable
Giganotosaur Available rideable
Oviraptor Available tameable
Pachy Available rideable
Parasaur Available rideable
Raptor Available rideable
Rex Available rideable
Spinosaur Available rideable
Stegosaurus Available rideable
Triceratops Available rideabe
Allosaurus Confirmed rideable
Baryonyx Confirmed rideable
Diplodocus Confirmed rideable
Iguanodon Confirmed tameable
Megalosaurus Confirmed tameable
Microraptor Confirmed rideable
Pachyrhinosaurus Confirmed rideable
Pegomastax Confirmed tameable
Therizinosaurus Confirmed rideable
Titanosaur Confirmed rideable
Troodon Confirmed rideable


Beelzebufo Available rideable
Carbonemys Available rideable
Dimorphodon Available tameable
Mosasaurus Available rideable
Plesiosaur Available rideable
Pteranodon Available rideable
Quetzal Available rideable
Sarco Available rideable
Titanoboa Available nothing
Diplocaulus Confirmed tameable
Kaprosuchus Confirmed rideable
Liopleurodon Confirmed rideable
Megalania Confirmed rideable


Araneomorphus Available nothing
Dragonfly Available nothing
Dung Beetle Available tameable
Eurypterid Available nothing
Pulmonoscorpius Available rideable
Titanomyrma Available nothing
Trilobite Available nothing
Achatina Confirmed tameable
Ammonite Confirmed nothing
Arthropluera Confirmed tameable
Cnidaria Confirmed nothing
Leech Confirmed nothing
Tusotheutis Confirmed tameable



Castoroides Available tameable
Dimetrodon Available tameable
Direwolf Available rideable
Doedicurus Available rideable
Gigantopithecus Available rideable
Onyc Available nothing
Paraceratherium Available rideable
Phiomia Available rideable
Procoptodon Available rideable
Sabertooth Available rideable
Woolly Rhino Available rideable
Basilosaurus Confirmed rideable
Chalicotherium Confirmed rideable
Direbear Confirmed rideable
Lystrosaurus Confirmed tameable
Megatherium Confirmed tameable
Moschops Confirmed tameable
Thylacoleo Confirmed rideable


Argentavis Available rideable
Dodo Available tameable
Kairuku Available tameable
Terror Bird Available rideable
Archaeopteryx Confirmed tameable
Hesperornis Confirmed tameable
Ichthyornis Confirmed tameable


Angler Available tameable
Coelacanth Available nothing
Dunkleostus Available rideable
Megalodon Available rideable
Piranha Available nothing
Electrophorus Confirmed tameable
Leedsichthys Confirmed nothing
Manta Confirmed rideable

Mystical Lifeforms

Dragon Available
Broodmother Available


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