Item Spotlight: Omni Lamp Post

omni_lamp_postARK is a game that undoubtedly appeals to people with a dislike for light-pollution. It’s dark at night. Emphatically so. While that undoubtedly makes for an excellent environment to do some romantic star-gazing, its comfort is somewhat lessened by the fact that potential death is looming behind every corner. Unfortunately lighting a torch won’t help that much either. Standing torches require a constant supply of fuel, which has to be refilled often, and don’t light a particularly large radius.

This is where the “Omni Lamp Post” comes in. It draws its power from the electrical grid, which means it doesn’t need permanent refills. As with real electricity, it’s much more convenient to have one generator in a central location to supply all of the equipment with power, instead of having to refuel twenty different gadgets at twenty different places.

Its usage is trivial. You can turn it on and off by pressing the “E”-key (and thus interacting with it). It needs to be connected to your electricity grid with cable, and illuminates its surroundings with a fluorescent white light. At the moment you can attach as many lamps as you wish to your generator, since they won’t increase its fuel consumption.

To craft it, use the following Recipe in the Fabricator:

  • 5 Metal Ingots
  • 10 Crystal
  • 2 Electronics

Also check out the other new items that came with the Patch 186.0: Traps and the Industrial Grill.

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