Item Spotlight: Tripwire Narcotic Trap and Tripwire Alarm Trap

Of all words of tongue or pen, the most infuriating are “Your base has been.” At least in ARK, there are few things more frustrating than logging on and finding out your base was raided overnight. Even worse is having it happen while you’re roaming around far away from home.

One of the most basic ways to protect against intruders is to set traps. Ideally, those not only kill would-be burglars, but also help your castle to a reputation of being a death-trap.

Narcotic_trapThe Gas-Trap will render anyone who is in its range when it triggers unconscious for five minutes (regardless of how many traps got them). This doesn’t apply to allies of the person who placed it though, but it includes the attacker’s dinos. Careful though, if one member of an attacking party survives the onslaught, he or she can wake up their companions. Another possible use for those traps is to lure wild dinosaurs into a trapped spot in order to knock them unconscious.

A sensible strategy for intruders is to try to destroy the traps from a safe distance via ranged weaponry such as arrows.

The Alarm-Trap on the other hand will simply sound an alarm when its triggered. You can easily tell both kinds of traps apart: The Narcotic Trap has a poisonous green fluid inside, whereas the alarm trap looks like two speakers mounted on opposite ends. To get the tripwire you’ll have to place two of those traps near each other.

The traps can be crafted in your inventory.

Tripwire Narcotic Tripwire Alarm
  • 15x Narcotic
  • 3x Cement
  • 4x Wood
  • 35x Fiber
  • 6x Hide
  • 1x Crystal
  • 5x Wood
  • 30x Fiber
  • 6x Hide
  • 3x Metal
  • 2x Oil

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3 thoughts on “Item Spotlight: Tripwire Narcotic Trap and Tripwire Alarm Trap”

  1. Will this work on tribe mates in pve? We can already hit and knock them out with arrows but was wondering if I set up a trap for when he gets out of work today, logs in and steps out his hut?

    1. That’s a difficult question, as it largely depends on the extent and the manner in which you plan to do it. You could drop us an e-mail at [email protected] with more detailed information about what exactly you’re planning to do, so that we could give you a more specific reply.

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