ARK’s Official Servers and Duping Exploits

During the last 48 hours there has been a lot of agitation regarding duping, which lead to an offical announcement today.

As it transpired, the game contained a duping bug that could be exploited by any group of people. No special clients or other tools were neccessary. Using the correct method, which will not be described in detail here, those people were able to duplicate structures they had already built in amounts proportional to the group size and the number of times this was attempted.

The developers had originally assumed the bug had been fixed, but as it turned out a second fix was needed to fully address the problem. Confronted with the situation by a Steam user, developer TheRightHand stated “We actually put in a fix for this the other night, it just didn’t stick because of some silliness. We’re already planning a second fix for it. Thanks though ;)”.

As awareness of the issue grew within the community (after all, huge metal fortresses are a less than subtle way to announce to the world that one is a cheater), demands of a server wipe or rollbacks mounted. This is in and of itself relatively controversial within the community, as it could mean that people who didn’t cheat may lose their items. However, no descision has been announced yet.

In reaction to these demands, the developers published this announcement earlier today:

We’ll let you know when we have made a decision about this. It’ll be discussed when everyone is available to discuss it on Monday. (That’s in about 24-28 or so hours from this post.)

There’s no more to say on the matter, all of the people required to make this decision are not currently available to discuss it, so it will wait until we’re able to.

Thanks for your patience!

– The Right Hand.


Note that a possible wipe would most likely only affect the official servers as the decision about how to handle the issue on unofficial servers is up to each and every server-owner themselves.

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5 thoughts on “ARK’s Official Servers and Duping Exploits”

    1. The developers have already stated that they won’t be banning people for duping (at least this time):

      We’re not banning people for duping. That would be incredibly unfair.

      – The Right Hand.


      1. However it fair to cheat the system, and fraud people of their money that was used to purchase a game which cant be played because of these losers, how pathetic, give me my money back for the 3 copies that I have purchased., for the record iam on xbox and a ps4 platform,

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