ARK: Survival Evolved – Xbox One Version released – Informations

So now every Xbox One – Player can join the ARK – Experience thanks to the XBox Preview Program! The PS4-Version will be released in the Final-Version, Sony doesn´t have an Early Access Program.

Tame, hunt and just have a fun with lots of Dinos and other creatures – Don´t get eaten 😉

We already mentioned some features in our first article about the Xbox One – Version – now we can go into  detail 🙂

If some important informations are missing please write them in the comments and we´ll add it as soon as possible.

The Xbox One Version is very similar to the PC-Version – Studio Wildcard did a great job adapting it to the Xbox One.

Two major changes are:

  • a different start menu
  • you access the tribe menu from your inventory

There are a lot of Official Server out there.

If you want to play with your friends, it is possible to host a 4-Player Server (this is NOT a dedicated server setup).

If you want to think larger than there is an option to host a Server for up to 70 players, but for this you have to turn a Xbox One into a dedicated Server. This Server has to stay online 24/7 to remain the map accessible to all the players – (I don´t think it would be a wise idea to play on the same Xbox on which this server is hosted – it will need all the power for the hosting (so you´ll need a second Xbox One))

Whenever you die you have two options – respawn or create new survivor – be careful not to delete your character!

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We wish you a lot of fun in ARK!

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22 thoughts on “ARK: Survival Evolved – Xbox One Version released – Informations”

  1. Super awesome guys!!! Now if i want to host my own server i need to shell out around $500 for new console another live account and another copy of the game. So much better then $25 – $45 a month for being able to rent one. Also Thanks for the very limited amount of offical servers i really hated playing the same guy more then once. heaven forbid players get above lvl 5 before being forced to change servers cause they are all full

    1. Yes you will need a second Xbox, no you don’t need a second copy of the game or second Xbox live account. With home sharing turned on a second free gold Xbox live account can be obtained as well as having access to all the digital games the original account bought. I have 2 Xbox ones and ones my fiancées she doesn’t have to pay for live or any games she just uses all my content on her Xbox… Google it, it’s simple to set up

  2. Would it ever be possible to host a dedicated server for Xbox one on a PC so that people do not need to pay for another Xbox to play a private game with more than 4 people?

  3. how about you put it in lamens terms and just tell everyone that bought this $40 game they’re getting royally raped!. In a non dedicated server I can’t move more than 179 meters from my friends without him getting teleported and drug into a lvl 30 battle while he’s trying to build… and he’s lvl 5. That works out so well.. not to mention The officail servers get over-ran and u can barly play till lvl 5 before you have to start a new char. On a new server. And I know damn well I don’t have the cash to fork out for another copy of this bullshit game and a second xbox one! Just so I can play a private game with a friend I have to turn a 35$ game into a $675 game for it to even be worth it.~_~ I am extremly dissapoint… fix your non dedicated servers to where I can travel anywhere without teleporting someone beheind me every 5 seconds. Or release a full range of private dedicated servers for FREE. Untill that point this game fails as a true multiplayer game…… Hope to hear from u soon

    1. The Game is still on Early Access and not finished yet. At the moment you have to stay in a reach of around 200m of the host. The reason for that is, that the Xbox One of the host has to calculate the map. The game needs some optimizations and the range will be probably increased when the xbox calculations with the optimizations will be lower.

    2. Yes you will need a second Xbox, no you don’t need a second copy of the game or second Xbox live account. With home sharing turned on a second free gold Xbox live account can be obtained as well as having access to all the digital games the original account bought. I have 2 Xbox ones and ones my fiancées she doesn’t have to pay for live or any games she just uses all my content on her Xbox… Google it, it’s simple to set up

    3. Also I’ve been in a steady server for a while now. Sure it gets full but you have to keep trying to join our crew are around level 20-50 and there are guys level 70+ you just have to remember your server and keep trying to join it…

    4. Can and will Consolecomands be a thing on Xbox? I’ve been a dedicated player for quite a while now and console commands would really make the game complete. Sometimes all the work it takes just to get to one thing isn’t worth it and it’d be a much better game with the Comands included.

  4. Well, I LOVE this game ! Great job guys ! I`m just playing in local host with my girlfriend, lots of fun, rich crafting options, plenty of different dinos and creatures, various “BIOMAS” and a entire world to explore. Best survival sandbox ever ! For me and my friends, Ark Survival is a great surprise ! I recomended this game for all my friends.
    But in fact we have some problems like the “limit move” of the players in non dedicated servers ( too small ~200 ft ), exploring the caves are awesome, but there is a LOT a bugs and game crashes ( my advice is stay away from caves until next updates ! LoL ) and the frames per second sometimes are terrible in someplaces

    But I will tell you guys a thing, I played a bunch of others survivals sandboxes ( open worlds ) and Ark its the best of them ! When I see this game, I see very good ideas, hard work and a born of a great franchise.

    One more time: GREAT JOB !!!

    Waiting for the good news !!!

    Sorry for my english, tried my best !

  5. For those who are royally annoyed I can sympathise with your frustrations, acknowledging the fact that for those of you who intended to play with your global friends in a private server, for a reduced price now can’t. But lets not forget that this game’s current state is a ‘game preview’, more so on the console as apposed to the PC edition regarding that you are playing a game that is effectively at an alpha/beta position. And that I have no doubt that when the full game is released (at a much higher price than you paid for it now) ARK will implement ease of joining friends in dedicated servers supported by the games developers. But lets not forget that the game is at its prime development stage and that simply a collection of 24/7 servers for everybody is not an option or on the mind set of game developers at this time. Regarding the context of the matter any other game published as a ‘preview’ would solely revolve around singleplayer. We expect to see the full game in stores in June 2016 which of course is a while off, giving the impression that these obvious problems and lack of ease within the game will be smoothened. Most of you on this page seem to be regarding the matter as outrageous, upset that you spent your money on this game (of which I further emphasise is a lot less than if you wait for the polished version). However just because ARK found its way onto the Xbox One preview list it doesn’t mean its early access, rather to be more inclined to be investing and supporting a game that has a future. In my position I’m simply glared I have been part of a multiplayer experience with in the game, PlayStation doesn’t even have a game preview program and PC users are experiencing the same issues.

  6. Yes it’s in alpha but people are still going to get pissed off iv just lost 6 hours of gameplay because an insect got bugged an killed my spineo not to mention a pack of wolfs an a raptor, but ye the games in alpha I’m sure we understand that but obviously were gonna be annoyed at our losses, things do need to be sorted sometimes the game is unplayable but yet it’s a game preview?

  7. My friend hosts a dedicated server for another friend and I. If he were to shut down the dedicated server and turn it into a non dedicated server, would it save our map and progress?

  8. I absolutely love this game!! It’s everything DayZ should have been only with dinosaurs. I run a nerd facebook page with over 115k followers, a lot of us link up in the Xbox Ark servers but would much prefer the opportunity to rent a slotted server from a third party. Please make this feature available, your fan base is crying out for it.

    Keep up the great work, can’t wait to see if vehicles get added.

  9. I see some people asking about the server maps when you dedicate a server on your xbox one the buildings and tribes are all saved on the server data and the character data is saves a part from it so as long as the host does not erase the server data every thing is still there. As for the limited space I found if it is non dedicated there is a limit to how far you can go but if it is dedicated no limit because the full system resources are in to tracking and maintaining the server to the full map no limit but the server is still bound by the modems power of how much it can handle. But they need a dedicated server for the xbox one on the pc if they want to play no limits on there map with out buying a new xbox one for it.

    1. Xbox one console commands would be a wonderful update. I’ve been playing for over 1000 hours and I’ve leveled multiple characters. I’ve noticed a lot of dedication throughout the game with it’s players. Wether it be building or taming dinosours with your friends for countless hours. But being able to have some fun and have a little less seriousness would be a great change. Ive been doing a lot of ocean exploring and I think underwater harpoons should be inplimented I to the game. Or atleast an old fashion rubber harpoon. This games in aplha obviously you’ll Incounter issues that’s a given but I’ve had no issues latley. I run a non-dedicated server with a few buddies. Yes the boundaries of bein able to explore does take a tole on us as a tribe. The only downfall is not everyone wants to explore the ocean or take dinosours at the same time as one another. Weave all got our own agenda and sometimes it takes a tole on the gaming experience. But hands down my favorite game. Brings back my terok days.

  10. I just got the game a few days ago and started a dedicated server with a few friends and since we all don’t have the chance to play at the same time cause of work I was wondering if I can have multiple characters at the same time because I don’t want to Lv up too much and leave them behind

  11. The game is fun but i want it to be a family thing I run 4 xbox ones at my house and would like this game to support LAN play I just bought a house and it does not have a internet connection as of yet so online play is out of the question I have a home network with out internet.

  12. Ok so one thing I really hate and I’d probably the only thing I hate about ark is that when I am playing with my friend I cannot get more then 300 meters away otherwise I get thrown back towards him. Could you guys possibly make it to where there isn’t that boundary please. It would make lots of people way happier.

    1. That´s one point the Team is working hard on, with Perfomance improvements and more. In the future the distance will get more or perhaps it will be possible to play without this boundaries. At the moment it is necessary, because the hosting Server-Xbox is calculating a lot and without the boundaries it wouldn´t be possible to play for the hoster. Stay tuned 🙂

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