ARK: Survival Evolved for XBOX One – Early Access

Good News for all the console lovers out there –

ARK: Survival Evolved will open its gates to the XBox One on the date 16/12/15!

The Price will be  34.99$ (The purchase will grant also access to the final version in summer 2016!). The PS4-Version is still in development.

The Xbox One Version will include exclusive:

  • A special Skin for T-Rex – Bionik Tek Rex! (You can see it in the trailer at 0:50!)
  • Free Access to Xbox-specific official Servers
  • Tailor made for Xbox One gamepad controls!


Take a look at this teasing Trailer!


There won´t be as many updates as in the PC Version but they plan to keep the content on the same level (so you can expect one Update in 2 Weeks).It´s still unknown if there will be an option to play on private servers – we´ll keep you updatet 🙂





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6 thoughts on “ARK: Survival Evolved for XBOX One – Early Access”

  1. Will it be on the New Zealand store, please? It’s one of the onky games I’m looking ford to, also can you play single player servers? Thanks.

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