Halloween Event: ARK: Fear Evolved – More Details

Most of our readers will already know of the upcoming Halloween event. Today a new batch of details have been released. We’ve packed them – together with the old informations – in this handy little list.

  • Longer nights, shorter days
  • Overall colder temperature
  • Carvable pumpkins
  • “Zombified” / general undead beasts
  • the DodoRex – with a large fellowship of undead dodos
  • the Giganotosaurus
  • Swords and Shields
  • Snow, Swamp and Tek Caves
  • Boss Arenas / Boss Wars


Additionally (general new features):

  • DirectX12 support for Windows 10
  • On-Ground Meshes for dropped items


As always: if the event is live, we’ll immediately release all related informations and patchnotes.

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One thought on “Halloween Event: ARK: Fear Evolved – More Details”

  1. BEST. DEVELOPERS. EVER. I mean, many a games. Nay, many a studios do NOT have the same dedication. My best friend and I spent hours on end in this game. It’s a total and complete 100% recommend. We’ve stopped playing last week because we want to wait for a month or two and then go back. We don’t want to get to see all of it too soon… but it’s difficult to stay away with such cool updates. Congratulations to you all. We salute you. Fans forever!

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