Mod Spotlight: Extra Modified Ammos Mod – Exposive Arrows, Poisions and more

ARK already has no shortage of awesome things to do, and dangers to confront. Why limit yourself to fighting them with rifles however? Sure, it might be efficient, but where’s the fun-factor? Why not feel like John Rambo or Katniss Everdeen as you bring that T-Rex down with highly-explosive arrows?

You can do just that with the “Extra Modified Ammos Mod”. It introduces many cool new weapons into the game. From explosive projectiles to bullets laced with poison, developer salcarr has you covered. For example, look at those two additions:

 Explosive Arrow
  • 5 Oil
  • 3 Flint
  • 25 Fiber
  • 8 crystal
  • 10 Sparkpowder
  • 30 Gunpowder
Damage: 75 (20 more than the regular arrow)
Explosion damage: +125
Explosion Radius: 700
Engram: Lvl 45, 15 points
  • 10 Narcotics
  • 1 Metal Ingot
  • 10 Gunpowder
Very powerful.
Engram: Lvl 35, 18 points
poison bullet

We contacted samcarr and asked him about his mod.

Q: How did you get the idea for this mod?
salcarr: The game reminded me of two things: the game Turok and then later the movie Rambo. I realized they had bows and advanced weapons but I thought it would be nice to get real destructive powers in the game. So my first idea was just the explosive arrows, however since I was one of the first people to mod ammo for a weapon people started making requests. So then ideas started coming in and I like making people what they want.
Q: Cool to hear that you value community feedback so much.
salcarr: Yea, I feel the job of a developer is to give people what they want as long as it seems cool in my mind as well.

Q: What’s upcoming? In your workshop page you already note poison, obsidian and blunt arrows. Anything beyond that? What do the obsidian arrows do?

salcarr: Well the obsidian ones were a request as well and basically its just a stronger arrow than the regular arrows. I will change the texture so they look more like the obsidian rocks. I also have a few more request from other people. […] Someone requested an alt[ernative] turret that shoots rockets, and then I have a few ideas on my own but just concept ideas that I don’t know if they are worth it yet, like a teleportion spell or a projectile that teleports you. Maybe a NPC type turret that acts as a bodyguard – could possibly equip them with guns or any weapon you have, thought about a Star Wars force push, the thing is I like the idea of pushing the boundries of game and what we can do so I might just try all kinds of ideas.

To get the mod, and for further information on the many other dangerous weapons in there, head to its Steam Workshop Page.

Mod Spotlights are a series where we look at cool tools and mods made by members of the community. If possible, we also ask them about their visions for their projects.

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