ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 187.0 – Patchnotes

These are the changes of ARK: Survival Evolved’s Patch 187.0, grouped into categories for clarity. If not otherwise indicated, they’re quoted from the relevant Steam Thread.

New Items / New Structures

  • Titanomyrmas: designed to ruin your sunday picnics!
  • Dimorphodons: designed to harass other dino riders!
  • Crossbow: use underwater to ping sharks from a distance!
  • Machined Shotgun: less powerful than primitive, but more shots before reload and tighter spread!
  • Double the number of dyes. You want Pink? You got Pink!

Dino Changes

  • Scorpions/Carrion eaters will now prefer to eat spoiled meat rather than raw meat after being Tamed
  • Stimberry consumption now reduces Food on Tamed dinos
  • Only Female Dinos lay eggs now — it had to happen 😉
  • Fixed Saber gender bits — heh, “fixed”

Game Changes

  • You can no longer level up sleeping allies (so mean)
  • You can unwire and rewrire placed traps — while leaving them placed and remembering what they were wired to — making it easier to leave your own base after setting traps up (we don’t want to make traps completely ignore you when wired, however, to avoid the incentive to turn your base into a zone of infinite numbers of traps)
  • You can no longer build for 30 seconds in the immediate damage radius where a structure has been destroyed by an enemy team (helps sieges play out more naturally)
  • There’s now an “attack that” whistle which will send all dinos in a nearby radius to attack the specific target you’re pointing at
  • In PvP, structures within caves/cave-entrances now take 6x damage
  • Auto Turrets track about 3x as fast, to be more effective
  • You can now light standing torches in shallow water
  • Grenade damage is reduced by 33% generally and an additional 33% vs dinos (so about -45% in total vs dinos)

UI Changes

  • You can now drink by pressing E when just standing in water, if there’s nothing else to activate. You don’t have to be immersed anymore.

Server Features

  • Custom servers can now specify whether they want downloadable individually: characters, items, dinos.
  • Note: for custom Primitive Servers, there is a new Game.ini here.
  • [Split up]The PvP-Cave Structure multiplier can be set in the steamapps\common\ARK\Projects\ShooterGame\Saved\Config\WindowsServer\Game.ini) as PvPZoneStructureDamageMultiplier=6.0
  • New Game.ini options:

    Defaults false. If true, any Engram not explicitly specified in the EngramsOverride list will be Hidden. Useful for maintaining primitive servers even as we add new Engrams in Updates.


  • Keypads now work in densely packed bases (was a “too-many-overlaps” issue)
  • Fixed case of “invisible until you move” Structures on Client
  • Fixed losing Oxygen when swimming at water surface
  • The massive spam of “item removed etc” notification texts when viewing a dino’s inventory is now fixed
  • Industrial Grill now consumes gas properly


  • Approximate +25% Dedicated Server performance gain… PHYSX rewrite! >:-P — and nice client performance gain in dense cities as well!
  • Server Memory Leak analysis

(Original Announcement on Steam)

Here are the patchnotes of the previous patch (186.3)

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5 thoughts on “ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 187.0 – Patchnotes”

  1. Why can’t more devs be like you guys. This patch is so beautiful. Rock on guys. Also plsno more water predators.. they scare me ;-;

    1. The patch is indeed cool, but you’re praising the wrong people. This is “just” a fansite, we’re not affiliated with the developers of the game.

  2. Hey, great job on the patch and game thus far.

    One HUGE complaint on last build: We are having problems with Ankylosaurus and Scorps in water – they get stuck and drown (can’t ride, unburdening doesn’t help, can’t call them to you via whistle). Dead count: 3 Ankys and 2 scorpions – they slipped into water while mining or fighting and we watched our beloved dinos die. On a side note, we lost one level 49 raptor (my personal favorite, which got stuck under a dead megalodon). Please help (at least let us drag them out and try CPR).

  3. Titanomyrmas are too op tbh. They notice you from long distances and they’re mostly in a group which makes it almost impossible to survive just because of their damage and hitbox.
    They could use atleast a small nerf.

  4. Just don’t go in water till it’s not fixed personnaly I lost a lvl 130 ankylo and 120 sarco I jsut stop playing getting tired of shitty bugs like this =)

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