ARK Digest #7 Summary – Building on Dinos, Breeding and Better Taming

This is a summary of today’s ARK Digest #7. It saw the promises of several exciting features, which are detailed below. All quotes are from the Steam thread if not otherwise indicated.

War-Paint for Dinosaurs

Once our team has finished working on the paintable signs, they’ll begin working on the war-paint system for Dinosaurs! and we’re also going to be introducing a soap-like item to help wash off all the paint on your walls!

Better Taming

Certainly! Initially the taming process we released was fairly basic, however effective and somewhat true to real life. However we wanted to expand on it and introduce other methods for taming creatures, as well as helping players improve their taming affinity. Some of the things we’ve got planned and are currently working on are options for non-violent taming which we plan to introduce this summer!

This includes feeding conscious herbivores by hand or providing carcasses for carnivores which will have much greater affinity than knocking out creatures with a weapon, along with the introduction and specialization of new food, and ingredients to allow players to hit higher numbers in regards to taming effectiveness for each creature.

Breeding is the next big feature to come!

There’s a lot of things we’re working on.. but the biggest that is coming up on the horizon is something that has been heavily requested since we announced the game back in May, Breeding!

Boss Arenas

Certainly! We’re going to be drastically re-working our current boss fights so that they take place in dedicated boss arenas and it’ll mean that survivors will need to put in a serious shift if they want to be victorious. We’re also going to be looking at introducing more caves, as well as making changes to the current ones, plus with the Dinosaur A.I improvements that are upcoming the game will definitely see some more challenges ;).

Building on Dinosaurs

Yes! You will be able to build on the Plesiosaurus! CONFIRMED. In fact, you’ll be able to build on certain new saddles on many of the larger dinosaurs, as well as put sleeping bags on them for mobile spawn points!

Smaller Features

  • A “scythe-like weapon” is being considered in order to help with thatch farming.
  • An electric tracking tool for dinosaurs “should be completed within the next few weeks!”
  • They “do have plans for powerful and more rare dino variants to be available soon”.
  • Fire will soon be weaponized.

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