ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 302.4

  • Added animation staggering system by default to reduce CPU overhead — dinos in the far-distance will update their animations on alternate frames. Players can disable in this in the Options Menu “Advanced Options” Tab: “Animation Staggering” (enables it at all at far distance) and “Low Quality Animations” (makes it more aggressive, lowers the distance at which staggering is used)
  • Improved client and server CPU performance in various ways
  • Vastly improved server stability, with various Network Channel threading crashes fixed
  • Changed droppeditem physics back to client-side prediction for player-dropped items, and physx-sleeping logic on droppeditems to improve server performance.
  • Improved droppeditem placement when dropping items from structures, to reduce the possibility of them getting stuck
  • Reloading bows from prone TPV no longer gets them stuck
  • Firing bows while in orbit camera no longer gets them stuck
  • Firing bows while running no longer gets them stuck
  • Made it easier to look at items to pick them up
  • Fixed the whip to properly pickup items that are flat on the ground (previously would miss such items)
  • Added “F” alternate activate option on items to pickup all items in a nearby range
  • Added optional new functionality to limit the number of droppeditems in an area, and enabled it on dedicated servers. To use it on unofficial servers, add the following INI values to your server’s Game.ini ShooterGameMode section (> 0 to use the limit):
    • LimitNonPlayerDroppedItemsRange=1600
    • LimitNonPlayerDroppedItemsCount=600

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