ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 264.52 & 264.53



  • Slight decrease to saddle armor value for tank dinos (i.e. Turtle, Bronto, Paracer, Trike, Diplo)
  • 15% decrease on ghille armor durability.
  • 10% damage increase to the Auto Turret.
  • Slot count in industrial grill increased.
  • Night Vision googles crafting and repair cost decreased.
  • Gas mask crafting and repair cost decreased.
  • Mammoth damage increased by 15%.
  • Base stamina of Plesio greatly increased.
  • Decreased Fabricated sniper rate of fire.
  • Tek Grenade damage greatly increased.
  • Reduced health scaling per added tame level of Thylacoleo.
  • Oil Pump and Beehive now restricted to slot cap (and slot cap increased for both).
  • Direbears can now harvest white/purple flowers on Scorched Earth.
  • Whips can no longer be used to disarm in PVE.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed client crash related to using the transponder.
  • Fixed issue with rocket launcher in multiplayer where using the last shot caused the rocket to shoot off to the side.
  • Fixed grappling hook exploit.
  • Fixed bloomquality issue when using -SM4.
  • Fixed missing Redwoods terrain texture on The Center.
  • Fixed in-game chat bug.
  • Fixed Baby Daeodons eating too much food.
  • Fixed typo with Pachyrhino Saddle
  • Moved to the Chem Bench to level 82.
  • Titanosaur spawn on Carno Island reduced to max 1.
  • Auto Turrets can no long shoot through dino gates.
  • Increased the distance at which you can paint on a canvas with a paint brush.
  • Canvases can now be placed on Refrigerators and on Vaults (yay pretty organization!).
  • Spray Painter can now be used underwater.
  • Fixed Beer Barrel decay time to proper value (was erroneously long previously).
  • Auto Turret fix to protect against dive-bombing griffins.
  • Fix for Tuso being able to push tames under terrain and insta-kill them.
  • Lava can no longer be used to irrigate.
  • Fixed spectator crash.
  • Element charge is now removed from items when transferring items that consume element.
  • Fixed issue where crop plot could not be placed in the Scar on Scorched Earth due to needed a “sunlit location”.
  • Fixed issue where Wind Turbines would function in underwater caves.
  • Fixed mod issue where using mods would duplicate emotes in the emote wheel.
  • Turrets will now no longer shoot your unclaimed babies (or the unclaimed babies of your allies).
  • Fixed issue where Morellatops would slide around while walking and eating.
  • Fixed an exploit used to get under the world map.
  • Fixed issue where Rex, Giga, and Tuso would not properly loot inventories.
  • Fixed an issue where equpping a saddle with a torch on it onto a dino would instantly set the torch durability to zero.
  • Spyglass and GPS now usable on all underwater dinos.
  • Fixed inventory issue where the inventory would display “items removed” when stacks were being completed, and no items were actually removed.
  • Fixed issue where tents could not be removed from platform saddles.
  • Fixed an issue where armor would become invisible when dismounting a dino on a non-dedicated server.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when mining rocks on Scorched Earth.
  • GPU perf improvements


  • Fixed a server crash.

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