ARK Tek Tier Update!

Soon the Tek Tier will be added, a huge step towards version 1.0. The floating Obelisks in ARK will make sense!

Starship Trooper Gear & off-brand Power Ranger Suit is only a tiny bit of what will come next!

Later there will come Tek Armor, Tek Rifle and Giga Helmet (Laser Headpiece for T-Rex). All Tek-Items have got unique abilitys which expand the gaming experience. Such as the Tek Helmet that comes with an amazing HUD that can highlight creatures and players.

Early next year underwater bases will be added and offer a totally new challenge for experienced gamers!


But it won´t be easy to get all this items and abilitys - it requires a lot of effort to get the resource "Element", which can be obtained while completing endgame challenges.



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