ARK One Year Anniversary!

On Thursday, the 2nd of June, ARK: Survival Evolved will officially turn One Year Old! Exciting right?! Already a year has gone by and we’d like to celebrate that with you by running a special one-week “ARK Birthday Event” where players can find Candles from Supply crates to craft ARK Birthday Cakes! When each candle is blown out, a special message to the players occur and exclusive items are gifted, including: Player and Dino Party Hats, Fun “Birthday Suits” (censor-pixelization of course ;)), and finally, as everyone knows there’s no party without a cake – a giant ARK Anniversary Birthday Cake which can be consumed for a major XP Buff!


We hope you have a fantastic time with the update and enjoy the special event, we are so grateful for all the support you show us and hopefully we’ll be able to celebrate many more special occasions together, in our Birthday Suits!


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