Red Biome Update and others!

Some very large biome changes to The Island are taking place. Part of this change would be introducing a new zone, known as the Redwood Forest and also slightly expanding the size of the Snow Biome.

This is a map you can use to help identify the areas where The Island will receive some changes and it’s makeover.


The blue area represents the new size of the Snow Biome. The orange area represents the location of the new Redwood Biome and the green-area represents part of the Swamp that is also being turned into Redwood.

The in-game environment will be added with 3D Markers to help indicate areas that will be undergoing change. These markers will be brought into the game on Wednesday and here’s what you can expect them to look like!

1464069601_Biomes Marker 1 1464069602_Biomes Marker 2

That’ll give you an idea of whether you need to make any plans to move your bases or not 🙂


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