ARK: Survival Evolved Modding Contest Winners – Total Conversions


1. Tribe Wars

Tribe wars is a thrilling game mode that offers a PVP-based experience that stays true to the core of what ARK is.  The objective is simple; defend your flag while trying to destroy your enemies flag.  The comprehensiveness of this total conversion and the talent that went into creating it did not go unnoticed.  It is tons of fun and we had the pleasure of taking it for a spin!


Steam Link

2. ARK Moon Survival

There isn’t enough that can be said about the creativity and talent that went into creating this Total Conversion.  It’s an unbelievable entry and we were amazed by the user interface and subtle touches that were put into this experience.  Although it’s an astonishing feat in its current state, we look forward to what other experiences that will be created while trying to survive on the Moon.


Steam Link

3. Otherworld

This total conversion pits you against waves of terrifying creatures as you try to escape what is known as the Otherworld.  It’s always nice to play a different game mode for ARK and Otherworld is  one of the few that are available in the workshop.  We loved the style of this entry with its distinct and unique level design.


Steam Link

4. Cool 15 New Creatures

It’s always fun to see how modders use existing content and modify it to create new experiences.  Cool 13 New Creatures gives an exciting new way to look at some of the ARK creatures you’ve grown to know and love!


Steam Link



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