Switching from The Center Mod to DLC

Some people having problems with deinstalling the Mod.  Here is a quick tutorial how to get the Center Map running 🙂

If you played The Center previously, you need to remove the mod in order for the DLC to function properly in these cases.

  1. Back your savings before proceeding with the steps 🙂
  2. Remove the mod ->
  3. Navigate to your mods folder.
    \Steam\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Content\ModsDelete the folder and file named “614734500”.
  4. Download the DLC:
    Click here! (and press Download or Play)

If you are a server administrator running The Center pre-DLC, you must delete the mod folder in your server files and switch over to the DLC in order for your players to join properly. Make sure to remove “ActiveMapMod=614734500” from your GameUserSettings.ini.

In this article you finde the important points for server admins of a CenterMap-ModServer.


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