Unravelling the Mysteries of the ARK: Ruins!

Various historical ruins will be found all across the ARK, we encourage survivors to go on adventures and seek them out as they hold the key into unlocking the secrets of the ARK, providing insight into its true nature! Through the hundreds of handcrafted notes and logs found at these locations, you’ll learn about the backstories of the Survivors in whose footsteps you follow, and what their fates may have been — or perhaps uncover the hidden recipes to powerful dishes, or even what the Wildcard devs drink to avoid sleeping 😛

Who knows! Intrepid Survivors will have to find out by going on the hunt to uncover them all — the first set of Ruins & Explorer Notes releases with the forthcoming Biome update! 😉

1463452194_Ruins 1463452196_Ruins 3 1463452197_Ruins 2


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