ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 222.8 & 222.9



  • A Giganotosaurus entering ‘Rage’ via damage also instantly enrages any nearby allied Giganotosaurus’
  • Sword and Shield Durabilities increased by 60%

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed bug that was making Giganotosaurus’ invincible during their ‘Rage’ mode
  • Reduced 400MB of Texture Memory, woot
  • Ended some remaining ‘Fear Evolved’ bits (Obelisk Colors, Bone Alpha Dinos — all of your costumes/hats already earned are kept, of course!)
  • Fixed IK issue with dinosuar’s legs getting “stuck” underneath floors
  • Fixed a case where Dinos could deal damage faster than normal


  • Fixed issue with player harvesting at low-ish server FPS (please update unofficial servers accordingly)
  • Fixed issue with foliage potentially respawning over structures/dinos and destroying them (it appears)

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