ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 222.6

Unversioned Hotfix: Holding [E] from accessing the Activation Wheel to open Inventory Menu will no longer cause the Inventory Menu to instantly close.


  • On servers with “ForceAllStructureLocking” (PvE etc), such structures are now locked by default
  • Option for Total Conversions to only list specific level filenames in the play game menu, not all levels. Since potentially a TC will include its own maps, or may not work with generic custom maps.
  • Option for Total Conversion to only list specific Mod ID’s, since often most Mods will not work properly with a TC.
  • Option for Total Conversions to default to “unofficial” server list rather than Official Server list (defaults to TRUE, since only SotF is a TC that uses Official Servers currently)


  • Fixed inability for flyers to drop carried ‘mounted’ dinosaurs if they became dismounted while carried
  • Fixed case where giganotosaurus could still stand on rafts/platform structures
  • Fixed a potential client crash with the new optimized occlusion system
  • Fixed a number of issues with networking pre-placed characters and structures i.e. pertinent to ARK: Pirate World
  • Total Conversion Dedicated Servers launched via the in-game menu will now correctly launch with their Total Conversion ID

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