ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 222.3 & 222.4

(Unversioned Hotfix: Fixed erroneous Inventory keypress closures. Fixed crash some people were getting with an old TheIsland_Seasonal sublevel hanging around.

Unversioned Hotfix Removed “Shockprod” item from media, isn’t ready yet ;))



  • Improved Giganotosaurus swimspeed (doubled) and made it properly swim up to waterline to avoid drowning
  • TPV Shield size no longer scales with hand size


  • Fixed a potential case where you couldn’t “Hide Sail” on Rafts
  • Fixed issue with disappearing projectiles on very, very large maps (I’m lookin’ at you “ARK Pirate World” Total Conversion!)
  • Approx 15-20% gpu perf gain in heavily foliaged areas in most cases. (Latest NVIDIA driver is recommended!)


  • Servers that update to this will no longer have Halloween Structures, as intended. Servers that want to keep the Halloween Structures around for a while are welcome to do with by using the ?AllowDeprecatedStructures=true commandline (note you need to use this before relaunching your server with this update otherwise the structures will be destroyed).
  • Added Server Config value for BabyFoodConsumptionRate:
    • WindowsServer\Game.ini
      (or LinuxServer)
      You can set it lower along with a low ‘BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier’ if you want your sever’s dino babies to be more like…. real babies? 😉


  • Fixed a potential server startup crash case and a potential issue involving Dinosaur data networking

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