ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 220.4


  • Max Height Players can now use War Drums, and increased War Drum volume
  • Reduced Baby Food Consumption rate by ~50% — thanks for bearing with us to refine it 🙂
  • Railings can now snap onto each other to make taller railings or cages, and you can now shoot thru their holes
  • Test for fixing PvE Dino Spawns
  • You can now press “T” when hovering over any item in the Inventory Menu to transfer that item to/from remote inventory. Also you can then hold Shift to transfer half a sack, or Ctrl to transfer a single item in a stack.


  • Improved performance painting the WarMap
  • Mammal Gestation Progress now saves
  • Fixed newborn Direwolf HP and Food
  • Fixed Megaloceros & Mammoth gestation times
  • C4 can now be placed on areas that already have max structures (server-side update)
  • Fixed some map areas that were deleting water dinos
  • Flying dinos can no longer get stuck outside world bounds
  • Shoulder-mounted Dinos are not allowed to Mate anymore
  • Fixed Scorpion dismounting position to avoid getting stuck on the Scorpion
  • Fixed issue with being teleported to center-of-the-map sometimes when ‘unsitting’
  • Fix for colorizing structures such as Storage Boxes
  • Fixed a case where standing on opening ceiling doors could cause your movement to become… whacky…

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