Sedative Longneck Rifle Dart

Mod: Sedative Longneck Rifle Dart

It has been some time, but now the first usable mods are available to subscribe on Steam Workshop. The “Sedative Longneck Rifle Dart” Mod was made by potatojoe, it adds new sedative ammunition for the longneck rifle. This is a really strong narcotic: A level two Bronto just needed four darts until it was stunned. Personally, I think its a little bit too strong for a multiplayer server at the moment. I also would have liked darts to remain for on the dino body longer.

ARK Survival Stunned Bronto




Sedative Longneck Rifle DartRecipe:

Simple Rifle Ammo  1 x Simple Rifle Ammo  (ID: 144)

12 x Narcotics (ID: 123)

Fiber 5 x Fiber (ID: 76)


Engram: Longneck Rifle

Engram: Narcotic

20 Engram Points

Level 35

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