Livemap Update 1.1

Hello Folks,
we’ve upgraded our livemap and implemented a few new features

  • Lat/Lng values can now be overwritten manually
  • Preview of the marker implemented
  • Lat/Lng values are visible on the markers
  • Map is now AJAX based. No need to reload the whole map anymore whenever you add/remove something

If you want to access the map, just click on this Link


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One thought on “Livemap Update 1.1”

  1. Hi Krim,

    Thanks for this great map, which my tribe and I use a lot!
    Is there any chance of an update in which it is possible to open the map in fullscreen to avoid the issues with scrolling and/or a fix for the “accidental pin point clicks” when you try to scroll around and you it opens and you have to close it down because it blocks the area you are trying to look at or add a a pin to 🙂

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