ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 182.1 – Patchnotes

These are the changes of ARK: Survival Evolved’s Patch 182.1, grouped into categories for clarity. If not otherwise indicated, they’re quoted from the relevant Steam Thread.

Game Changes

  • Limited overdamage (overharvest) of resources to 5x the total resource health, to avoid server lag giving hundreds of berries in one hit on a plant.
  • Increased resolution in stone tier textures
  • Stone dino gate is now colorizable


  • Fixed Stone wall collisions/height protruding through bases
  • Added Missing Stone tier icons

(Original Announcement on Steam)

Here are the patchnotes of the previous patch (182.0)

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2 thoughts on “ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 182.1 – Patchnotes”

  1. When will we be able to transfer our offical character to another offical server. I want to join my friends with my stronger character

    1. There’s no way to ascertain that. My personal speculation would be that this will not be possible until the developers have decided on a better approach for character transfers. The current method is far too easily abused.

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