Colorful flares

The flare-gun itself, while undoubtedly important, isn’t that interesting. At least not in a world where any large shadow looming over you might turn out to be a curious Brontosaurus. However, as reddit user /u/ARKaholic discovered, you can actually spice them up a bit by colouring them.


To do so, simply drag the dye onto the flare-gun. If you’re thinking “That’s great, I need many of those” you should know that you can dye them in bulk. Coloring a stack of ten flare-guns or a single one costs the same amount of dye.

This all hinges on having such a gun, of course, but that’s not excessively tricky. The “Flare Gun” engram can be learned from level 10 onwards and costs 6 engram points. Constructing the gun itself will then take four items wood, two strains of fiber, ten units of sparkpowder and two gunpowder-items.

Feel free to share your creations in the comments section below.

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