Dino-Taming-Times Cheatsheet

Thanks to the work of reddit’s /u/Syreniac, we can now make statements about the precise times for perfect taming! See our cheatsheet (click to enlarge!). Please note that this assumes perfect taming, in practice you’ll need more time in order to hunt the animal, knock it out, ….


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Linking etiquette

Due to the rapid changes that come with Early Access, I expect taming times to change over time as well. This infographic will be updated to reflect that, but I can’t guarantee it will have the same filename. So please link to this post instead of hotlinking the image file if you want the person clicking the link to see the most current version.

Update log

#1: Added additional items needed per level & corrected Pterodon data. Note that the additional items per level are rounded up, and therefore will be slightly inaccurate for large levels.

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7 thoughts on “Dino-Taming-Times Cheatsheet”

  1. I am not sure why you have different times for raw prime and regular raw meat…that is no longer the case. All prime meat does is lower the taming effectiveness by a smaller amount…as per last weeks update. He only thing that effects the timing would be the “force feed method” as its been called (with narcs and stims)

      1. Dev’s have stated that nothing currently raises taming efficiency, but its in the works in some manner.

        If you mean the berry will determine what starting effectiveness is, that’s also currently not true.

        I went out a week or so ago and KO’d multiple turtles, trikes and stegos and the berry never mattered. It was always by the amount of damage it had. This was probably linked to the way it was knocked out. I used tranq arrows, but if I punched out the turtle then it would have taken more damage and had a lower tame rating as it was when I was testing on sharks. Yes I punched out a shark just to do it lol Took forever on a lvl2

        Although I’m not sure if its due to damage specifically, or just the fact that something other than the tranq arrow was used. I assume its damage since I can take a chomp using my pet dino on an unconscious tame and it lowers the effectiveness drastically, but punching it only lowers it a tiny bit in comparison.

  2. It would help to know the amount of total torpor and how much a narcoberry, a narcotic and a tranq arrow delivers. I’d hate to run out of narcos to keep it unconcious and watch it walk away 🙁

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