Tribe Management: Online Collaborative Mapping Tool

The most difficult thing about coordinating a tribe in ARK is that it’s incredibly hard to keep track of all the locations of outposts, good resources, enemy bases, or other interesting things. How great would it be if each Tribe had a map, on which everyone could mark points of interests? You can do exactly that with our new Map Tool for Tribes.


After clicking on the link you’ll see the map. Clicking on “Create new private Map” will create a new private map for you. Everyone who has the link to that map will be able to see what’s on it, and will be able to edit it. So be careful as to who you share the information with.

To place a marker, click on the spot where it’s supposed to be. A little bubble will pop up asking you for a name, a description, and a choice of icon. After you’ve entered it, click on okay to save the marker.

To remove a marker, click on its icon and then click “Remove”.

Click here, choose “Create a new private map” and place markers to get started.

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38 thoughts on “Tribe Management: Online Collaborative Mapping Tool”

  1. Hi mxE,

    Nice work with the leaflet map.

    I may have missed something obvious, but is it possible to directly hyperlink to a specific x/y location? For example our official server subreddit has a lost + found wiki for dinos and I’d like to link to specific x/y coords for each.

  2. Nice map man! I’d like to suggest the ability to add our own icons or have you add specific icons for caves(one for land and one for water), obelisk, one for berry resource; wood resource; metal/stone resource. I’d also like to see one with a carnivore head and another with herbivore head. Then perhaps two different house icons. Yellow being your own and white being anothers.

    Basically allowing one to map the entire map if they wanted to, for their tribe in accordance to the server(s) they play on.

    If you have a ton of yellow markers and a ton of white markers, you’ll get lost in the frey of what is what unless you click on them…

    This I’m sure will help a ton.
    Also, perhaps a way to display the coordinates of the marker once the marker has been added? Such as below the name or above the name of the Title of the marker? This will help if one wants to know the coordinates to that location without having to manually add them in their description.

    I really like this though… XD

    1. Also, perhaps a way to display the coordinates of the marker once the marker has been added? Such as below the name or above the name of the Title of the marker? This will help if one wants to know the coordinates to that location without having to manually add them in their description.

      We added that. Thanks!

      Regarding the images: The problem there is that allowing people to upload their own markers is a certain way to invite abuse by those with less-than-holy intentions. Our current approach has the big benefit that hardly any moderation is needed, however, if we allowed people to uplaod images onto our servers that would be far different. We’ll consider adding more preset icons though.

    2. I’ve added the following icons:

  3. Would it be possible to specify coordinates when placing markers, and also the ingame the GPS shows you position as xx.x would that be possible to implement on the map aswell?

  4. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.
    One thing I’ve noticed though, when you create a marker the marker is offset a small distance from where I actually click which is quite annoying when trying to accurately mark something.

  5. Any chance the markers could be searchable? For example I want to find player or clan X and upon searching it highlights the correct markers.

    Thank you so much for this!

    Any plans on open sourcing it?

    1. Searching is a good idea. We’ll look into that.

      There is no need for open sourcing it, because it’s free to use and would only work on a webserver.

  6. Need an edit button for markers so you don’t have to delete to fix errors or change message status. That would be an epic change.

    1. We didn’t want to implement an edit button, because then the UI would be overloaded. Removing and adding again isn’t a big thing as far as i can see 😉

  7. If the map won’t load anymore even after using CCleaner to clean everything, and trying chrome, ie, steam web browser, then what should we do in order to get it working again? It was working and then i closed it out and re-opened it because someone posted something to it and now I cannot see the map but whenever I create a new dynamic map, I can see it. I’d like to use the one that I cannot see right now because it has around 40-50 different pins on it by my tribe.

    Could you help?

      1. since I’m on a pvp server I’d like response from mxE on this only because they’re the poster and I know they’re the one that deals with the map; otherwise, I feel anybody could mask themselves and post here and claim they’re someone else or if they hold a position of power when in fact they really aren’t that person/hold that position of power…

        If you are a mod and had a mod tag then I would but not going to post it out in the open, only through email or private message…

  8. I love the game. It’s amazing. What I don’t like is that when you spawn from one bed to another, you lose everything and when you return back to the first bed, everything you had is gone as well. I think it would be cool if you could spawn back and forth through beds and keep everything you had. I also think it would be cool to see your tribemates locations on the map and to see the coordinates of their locations and mine. I tend to get lost sometimes. haha. Other than that, I love the game. I play it from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed. I love the little bios on the dinos.

  9. Awesome map with great terrain detail.

    Things I would like to see added:

    Option to change pin colours
    Option to either always display title of each marker, and/or show title upon hovering over markers.
    Editing makes things more convenient

  10. Map will *not* let me place a pin. Neither a new map nor a tribe mates shared map. Tried turning off all privacy/firewall/AV, enabled all cookies, etc. Using latest and ‘greatest’ IE.
    all I can get is:

    unable to add marker 🙁

    The only clue: I get a ‘submit query’ button and the folks who use it successfully get a ‘submit’ button.

    Thoughts ?

  11. I am having the exact same issue a the person above “Pinosaur”. I Have the latest version of the game, my version of Windows 8.2 and my video drivers are all up to date.

    I do the following:
    1. “Mouse Over” on “Maps”
    2. the select “Private DynMaps”
    3. It the creats a map with a Yellow tab accroiss the top of it saying “This is a private map. Send this link to your friends to share it, but keep in mind that anyone who has a link to the map can edit it.
    4. Now I “Left Click” to creat a marker point on the map to which a popup shows the Lat & Lon and says below that “Add Marker Here” which I then click on.
    5. Now another Popup replaces the last with a Drop Down Menu listing lost of Icon types, then a Title and Description Text Box, then the Lat & Lon and finally at the bottow, highlighted in Black “SUBMIT QUERY”
    6. Finally I fill out all the data and select “SUBMIT QUERY” to which a final box pops up and says “unable to add marker :(” with an [OK] button under it which suts down that windows leaving the Info windo with any changed a had mad just floating there. I try “SUBMIT QUERY” heaps of times with the same results.

    I would love to use this but cant seem to getting it working, any help would be greatly appreciated…



  12. Loving the map and I like a lot of the suggestions above. Here’s one more: any way to ’embed’ the map into another web page? I’ve got a page on my server’s site’s wiki with notable GPS coordinates, and I included a link, but it’d great to have a live map embedded in it. For now I’ll grab a screen-snap and put it in as a static image linking to the page, but of course that won’t update as I add points to the map.

  13. Ok so I’m at work looking things up on my ph. an I came across your map.. Loving the layout by the way..
    But my question is how does it connect to me/my email.. It doesn’t have a login section.. Or am I just missing it..
    All Dy maps I’ve used make me login..
    Plz explain.

      1. Works now for me, but the Lat/Long numbers are way off (they’re relative to the image itself instead of the actual coords of the map). Probably can’t be fixed.

        1. perhaps someone could give us some numbers an we could try to near it? Till we could fix it, it is just a help to remember visually the points 🙂 We just want to make it easier for all to find each other and remember the bases!

  14. Is this site or this map no longer supported? I cannot get markers to persist between refresh in Chrome or Firefox, and in Edge or Internet Explorer I get the error message “Message from webpage; unable to add marker :(” and cannot get the pins to stick at all even within the session.

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