Dino-Whistle Commands

Patch 175.0 added a new menu for Dino-Whistle-Commands. You can access it by keeping the “T”-key pressed (or the “Whistle Follow Me”-key, should you have reassigned it).


Das Dino-Pfeif-MenüThe menu provides access to a diverse set of whistling options for your dinosaurs. Obiously they only work for tamed dinos (if you haven’t tamed one yet, here‘s a tutorial).

Command Effect
Whistle Follow All All Dinosaurs in a certain radius will follow you.
Whistle Follow One The Dinosaur you’re looking at will follow you.
Whistle Stop All All Dinosaurs in a certain radius will stop.
Whistle Stop One The Dinosaur you’re looking at will stop.
Whistle Aggressive All Dinosaurs in a certain radius will get aggressive. That means, they’re going to attack all people and animals that aren’t a member of your tribe.
Whistle Neutral All Dinosaurs in a certain radius will get neutral. That means, they’re going to abort their current attacks, but will still defend themselves should they be under attack.

Keep in mind that the radius of the whistles is limited.

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8 thoughts on “Dino-Whistle Commands”

  1. Please add:

    Whistle Attack One
    Whistle Attack All
    Whistle Passive One
    Whistle Passive All

    Return home ALL
    (This would be amazing!) Would have to set ‘home’ somehow. Maybe add a really big home stucture or something? A really big tree could be cool?

  2. Azhaun: If you are riding a pet and hit “j” (follow – all) or “t” (one), the pet dinosaur(s) in that area will automatically follow the pet you were riding and not you (until you dismount and reissue the ‘follow me’ command). If you forget the horde is not following you and you wander off collecting berries, inevitably the Argent you were riding will be attacked and go chasing after the enemy, so when you return to where you left them you may discover all of your pets tried to follow the bird and are now scattered all over the mountain, some stuck behind obstacles (rocks usually) and others at the bottom of a cliff….. The game has a way of making sure you understand the meaning of ‘hubris.’

  3. say your tamed pet is far away,
    is there a whistle call for them to be summoned so you don’t have to go out in the map and find them all every time you die??
    Xbox one

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