ARK: Survival Evolved 1.70 Patch Notes

(This is a summary of the important changes that will come with the upcoming patch. Omitted are client-changes and client-bugfixes. To view the original patch announcement in its entirity, click here)

Hosting Related

New Features

  • Added ?MapPlayerLocation command argument for player-hosted servers, when used will display the current player location on the 3D Map. (not very hardcore/realistic ?
  • Broadcast Server messages now force the chat to appear (typically used to notify of server maintance)

Changes in the Server List

  • Player counts on the server browser are now correct and accurate
  • Increased # of server search from 50 to 100
  • Server browser now has a list of “Survivor’s Servers”, upon which you have a survivor, Favorite Servers, and Friend’s Servers
  • Filter “password protected” servers on the Steam backend, rather than locally, to return more servers

Overall this sounds like it goes a long way towards fixing the server list. Especially the last point, which will lead to more servers being displayed ingame, is good news.


  • Fixed an issue where NPC’s would not attack often at lower-FPS times on servers


  • Added missing “Spyglass” engram (like binoculars), which also enables you to craft the later glasswares. Moved the “Scope” Weapon Attachment to level 30, down from level 40.
  • Balance: Fist Damage reduced by 20%, Argentavis AI aggressiveness reduced by 25%, Tran Arrow Tranq-Power increased by 20%, Slingshot Torpidity Power Decreased by 10%
  • Reduced the rate at which food spoils in the inventory of an NPC creature, by 75%, to aid long-term creature maintenance
  • Selfie orbit cam, [K] by default, now collides with structures geometry so that you can’t use it to… spy… into other players’ houses… creeper!

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One thought on “ARK: Survival Evolved 1.70 Patch Notes”

  1. When u gonna fix the very annoying bug doing assension on the island or aberration causes the loss of all saved data, and if u have a backup it causes u can not discover the aberration Survivor map anymore

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