Dino Dossier: Rock Drake

Common Name Rock Drake
Species Draconis obscurum
Time Unknown
Diet Carnivore
Temperament Aggressive
Tameable Yes
Rideable Yes
Command admincheat summon RockDrake_Character_BP
  • Wild: Draconis Obscurum is a magnificent example of a predator that has flawlessly adapted to its environment. It is surrounded by cavern walls, so it developed powerful claws with which to scale them and colorful plumage on its anterior limbs that let it glide from perch to perch.

  • Domesticated: With its unparalleled mobility and undeniable power, Draconis Obscurum is a highly sought after mount. Survivors who successfully bring one back from its nesting grounds will suddenly find these caverns much easier to traverse, and that their enemies have become their unsuspecting prey. Even its saddle and rider are affected by its active camoflage, so a Survivor's enemies will never see them coming.

  • Known Information: But most dangerous of all? Its active camouflage, which lets it fade into the shadows and stalk its prey undetected.

    It has even adapted to the Nameless and The Reapers. Draconis' feathers will raise in warning when they are near, and this massive elegant lizard seems to be the Reaper's only natural enemy.


  • Raw Meat
  • Hide
  • Rock Drake Feather

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  1. I have stolen and raised dozens of rock drakes and I found the dossier but in my dragon tab the rock drake is not marked how do we fix it its the only dossier I have left that is not marked

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