ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 269.1 & 269.2


  • Client-side update to fix “Direct3D Device Lost” errors.



  • Reduced Flamethrower Damage from base 100 per second to 30 per second.
  • Flamethrower Direct Damage is now affected by Armour.
  • Flamethrower expensive foliage particle effects now eliminated for everyone except the local player using the weapon
  • Chainsaw not able to attack whilst running
  • Tripled the effective “ammo” of TEK armours, so they last 3x as long per element
  • Shield blocks should block whip stuns/item drops (and trigger the cooldown), and whip stun on players reduced to 1 second.
  • Implemented a new value to reduce indirect torpor (Gas grenades, tranq).
  • Chitin, Metal, Riot, and TEK Armours now reduce incoming torpor.
    • Chitin:
      • Direct Torpor Armor Mult: 0.07 (Was 0)
      • Indirect Torpor Armor Mult: 0.035 (Was 0)
    • Metal:
      • Direct Torpor Armor Mult: 0.15 (Was 0)
      • Indirect Torpor Armor Mult: 0.06 (Was 0)
    •  Riot:
      • Direct Torpor Armor Mult: 0.25 (Was 0.25)
      • Indirect Torpor Armor Mult: 0.12 (Was 0)
    •  Tek (remember there are no Tek qualities):
      • Direct Torpor Armor Mult: 0.7 (Was 0)
      • Indirect Torpor Armor Mult: 0.7 (Was 0)

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed a bug where in the event of a rollback, players who recently used the CrossARK transfer system could lose their characters.
  • Fixed the bear trap to avoid turret exploit. Bear traps only damageable by explosion now (or demolishing)

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