ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 258.6 & 258.61 & 258.62


  • New Primitive+ update. Requires server update for Prim+ compatibility!!!
  • Updated Host Settings Menu (you can now set most Server Settings thru this UI, and also set which Engrams are available)
  • Updated various sounds
  • Changed Spider to be able to attack and shoot webbing while moving, and also now the Rider can aim the webbing
  • Rebalanced Broodmother (WIP)


  • Added Tek ATV visuals, and added rideable Passenger Seat to Tek ATV
  • Fixed an issue with Character paintings not loading in singleplayer
  • Fixed a texture streaming issue
  • Fixed some main menu gamepad issues
  • WIP reorganization of Dino commands into Action Wheel submenus, much more to come.


  • Fixed Ammo issue.

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