ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 256.35 – 256.44


  • When the inventory is closed HUD text is not displayed.
  • Item categories are no longer displayed in Q Mode.
  • Supply Drops, Obelisks, and TEK Transmitter no longer default to the Transfer Data Tab.


  • Added a sort state in the sort context menu.
  • An item is now darkened if it cannot be crafted in the owner’s inventory.
  • Context menu crafting options now correctly display in the event that an item cannot be crafted.
  • Craft Submenu is completely disabled if the inventory doesn’t allow crafting that item.
  • Fixed cases where the inventory would lose the shortcut key information.
  • Fixed weird behaviours whem moving items to parent folder, as well as changing folder view whilst inside folder.
  • The game now remembers whether you have selected the View Folders button on remote or local inventories.
  • Added a slight border to indicate if an item has been selected.
  • Repositioned the Egg Incubation bar to make it more visible.


  • Eggcellent Adventure. During this one-week-only experience, running through April 23, players can collect Special Bunny eggs from Mated Boosted Wild Dodos across the ARK. These eggs can be used in special recipies to craft bunny-themed items such as the Bunny Ears Headband or a Bunny Costume for the Procoptodon!


  • Major UI Rendering optimization


  • The gender of a creature now correctly displays in its inventory.


  • Fixed a case where items were being highlighted despite not being able to be used (such as an incorrect saddle)


  • Changed the Inventory Menu font to be bolder, and improved the Chatbox font rendering.

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