ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 252.9 & 252.95 & 252.96


Unversioned Hotfix: Fixed client-side crash associated with Brontos.


  • Bronto attack AoE reduced by 30% for Tamed/Ridden Brontos, Bronto incoming damage multiplier from Explosions changed to 100% (from 50%) and from Fire to 75% (from 40%)
  • 20% per Tamed Ptero Level reduction in Speed (~15% average reduction in Ptero Speed to Tamed Pteros)


  • Fixed bug with Dino Weights not being applied onto Platform Saddles after unstasising
  • Attached C4 is now always targeted by Turrets where possible
  • Fixed C4 on groundable Flyers taking effect when they’re not over-water
  • Platform Saddle Passengers sitting on Furniture now get the standard percentage of their Weight added to the Platform Saddle Dino
  • Veggie Cakes max Percentage Healing amount capped at 2100 HP


  • Fixed PhysX crash when using wheeled-vehicle Mods. (ARK: Moon Survival etc)


  • Changed AI Controllers to once again be destroyed on Stasis, too much memory overhead to keeping them around on large maps. For servers with a lot of RAM, they can now optionally gain performance by running with -StasisKeepControllers to keep the AI’s in memory.

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