ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 247.0 – Soon!


Changes & Additional Options

  • Added Server Option to disable Dino Mate Boost
  • In-Menu Options to disable Bloom and Light Shafts, respectively
  • You can now name turrets and the turret name will show up in the Tribe Kill Log/HUD message.
  • PvE Greenhouse auto-demolish timers are now 25% more than Stone

Fixes & Improvements

  • Wind Turbines and Jerboa now function properly on TheCenter and TheIsland
  • 30% to 40% rendering performance improvement of Structures
  • ~300 MB memory reduction by dynamically streaming the destruction meshes
  • NVIDIA Ansel now supports TrueSky at Super Resolutions, and improved Super Resolution SSAO
  • Fixed the colorizable regions of the Wood Chair and Bench (4 of them)
  • Fixed Korean Language setting to use the Steam language value

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