ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 246.3 & 246.33



  • You can now (rarely) get rare mushrooms/rare-flowers on Scorched Earth from purple plants, and sickle now harvests from seed cactus. Requires Server Update.
  • Antidote item can now be crafted with deathworm spikes alternatively instead of leech blood. Requires Server Update.
  • Changed Manticore Tribute cost to require only 10 wyvern talons per type, rather than 15. Requires Server Update.
  • Whip now only has 25% chance to disarm players. Requires Server Update.
  • Wyvern milk can no longer be put in refrigerators. Requires Server Update.


  • Spiral stairs now have proper railing collision so you can’t accidentally walk-off the edge. Requires Server Update.
  • Fixed Battleye disconnection issue when doing server survivor transfer
  • Fixed Narcotics not working on Giganotosaurus, and possibly other Dinos. Requires Server Update.


  • Fixed issue where character could spontaneously get get knocked off ladder when climbing. Requires Server Update.

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