ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 244.0 & 244.1



  • Holiday Event Items: Celebratory Colorizable Sparkler Skins (which can be applied onto Torches, which can now be mounted on wall-torches and standing Torches for infinite light colors!) — get ’em from Diseased Leeches — & Fireworks Launcher Skins — get ’em from Alpha Mosasaurs.
  • Lotta Alpha Mosasaurus‘ in honor of Shark Week 2016 — hunt & kill them to get a special limited edition item 😉

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fix for missing resources on snow areas of TheIsland (after Biome Update)
  • Fix for increasing memory when opening Inventory UI repeatedly
  • Approximate 10-15% Loading Speed Performance Improvement, and faster connection to servers
  • Lots of powerful Dev Kit functionality hooks


Unversioned Hotfix: Significantly reduced client-side hitches/stalls during network Structure streaming.

  • Fixed unharvestable snow-transition trees, they’re now harvestable. Requires Server Update.

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