ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 240.0 & 240.1



  • New Creature: Lystrosaurus!
  • New Creature: Arthropluera!
  • New Creature: Sabertooth Salmon, with Fish Meat!
  • New Weapon: Primitive Bolas!
  • Megapithecus Arena
  • Added Option to Disable Melee Camera Swings (including ‘Harvesting Head Wobble’)
  • Tribe Member Rankings with Customizable Per-Rank Privileges


Fixes & Improvements

Fixes require Server Update!

  • Fixed Bola damaging you on Spike Walls
  • Fixed Bola FPV mesh
  • Fixed fish meats not cooking in pre-240 campfires and grills
  • Fixed harvesting Salmon with Sickle (yields high quantity of Prime Meat)
  • Fixed Arthropluera not being able to fit thru Caves/Gates (reduced collision size)

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